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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    I love how it leaves my skin

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  • xoxojoanna11 By  xoxojoanna11    

    I love this stuff even though its a moistureizer it took off makeup like a pro and made my whole face smooth id apply this after showers and apply to under my eyes where i might of had a little mascara and it took it off like that i really love this it does also make your skin very smooth and works great if you have dry skin i love this stuf and am so bummed that i ran out cant wait to get some more ! Try this out you wont regret it !

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  • Cabriajc By  Cabriajc    

    I use this every morning and every night. I absolutely love it! It leaves my face feeling clean and soft, it doesn't dry out my skin like other products. I definitely recommend.

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  • judy64 By  judy64    

    I use this as a makeup remover and it works great. Leaves my skin feeling soft. I use it at night as a moisturizer. Great product.

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  • Daphremz By  Daphremz    

    I used to use this as a facial night moisturizer and when I would wake up in the morning my face would be soft and glowy. I wouldn't use it as a daytime moisturizer because although I have dry skin in tends to be a bit greasy and shiny with this on. It however never broke me out. Probably wouldn't reccomend this to an oily skin type. But it works great as a body lotion as well.

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  • LKriegs By  LKriegs    

    This is a great moisturizer! The bottle lasts forever and it leaves my skin feeling super soft. I find it too thick to use as a day moisturizer, but I love putting it on before I go to bed.

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  • jenniferr8240 By  jenniferr8240    

    It has a nice scent and a nice feel but I hate that its so hard to get off. Very oily and hard to get off, have to wash a few times.

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  • dbeach7908 By  dbeach7908    

    I was given ponds cold cream as a young lady years ago by my mother. I used it as a make up remover. Now, I am almost 60 years old, and today I still use ponds cold creme to remove make up from my face, and ponds still keeps my skin soft and clean from all make up just like it had done over the years. Thanks again mom.

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  • glittergoddess By  glittergoddess    

    I bought this to uses as a makeup remover. The cream is thick and luxurious and smells like rosewater. It removes all traces of my eye makeup and is very gentle, doesn't burn at all. My only complaint is that I have to wash my face again after using because it is so oily my face feels like an oil slick.

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  • Melissa66 By  Melissa66    

    Very good for moisturizing but I find it a little oily. It leaves my skin shinier than I'd like.

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  • fleurkris By  fleurkris    

    I have tried to use Pond's Cold Cream. It smells really good and it leave my face feeling soft and moisturized. However, I do have dry skin but I get acne really bad from using this product.

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  • cybrown551 By  cybrown551    

    My mother used ponds cold cream many years ago and now I am following that tradition. It is the best make up remover that I have ever tried. It leaves my skin feeling moist and smooth. It removes all of my waterproof mascara without drying out my eye area and leaving tiny lines. I definitely recommend this product for those who have dry skin.

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