Poise Impressa Sizing Kit

Poise Impressa Sizing Kit

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Functional after the discomfort Poise Impressa is basically a tampon only it's bigger. The smallest size was uncomfortable to insert, and stayed uncomfortable for a few minutes after insertion. However they do their job. I've had three children and have the sneeze/pee issue, for me these are great functionally but I'd like to see them maybe a bit smaller so their more comfortable.

Would be great for someone who can use them without pain. But not so great for those with endometriosis. Will stick to liners and pads when necessary.

I didn't like this, it was very uncomfortable to try and use this. I used the smallest size and it was still a problem.

i was not thrilled with these. They are tampons. I hate tampons as it is. I can't wait to stop using them when I have my period. I certainly don't want to use them on a daily basis!

I did not like the product at all, I will stick with pantyliners

These are so nice and comfortable, you hardly know you have anything on! They are light and fit really well! Definitely for the woman on the go! They move with you, not twist and bunch up against you. I have already told my friends about these and will share what I think with more friends and family!

These are nice I got to try all three and am very happy I have, No one can tell I am wearing them and i feel so safe when I a out and about.

This item did not work for me at all. I followed the directions however, in using it I bled for three days after trying it following the directions! I will not try it again!

I was very impressed that there are a variety of sizes to choose from. I found the 2 smaller sizes to be the most comfortable and the bigger sizes uncomfortable. Just like with your period, some people do not want to use a pad that "absorbs" everything because you're worried about odor. That's why I was particularly excited to try this product. In my opinion it makes pads unnecessary as it really does absorb any and all leakage. However it's such a new product that I'm not yet convinced it's something healthy to use every single day. I will continue to use the product sparingly and use pads on days I'm not using Impressa. Bottom line -- if I'm going to be out and about for a few hours I would definitely prefer to use Poise Impressa instead of a pad.

I liked this product because the multiple sizes allow you to find the perfect fit for your body. Its not a perfect product but if you need help with bladder leakage then it is an option I would recommend.

If you have bladder leakage Poise Impressa is for you. I had to use the large size because I have a lot of bladder leakage. It caused no embarrassment.

Great concept, takes getting used to. Be sure to use the size you need for the best comfort

Did not find it effective at all with issue. Was really hoping it would work but is not designed for all problems related to leakage.

I'm sure this product is wonderful, as a matter of fact, my sister swears by these. But, I never used tampons and didn't care for the method of use.