Denielle Finkelstein

Denielle Finkelstein, the Co-Founder and President of TOP: The Organic Project, joined us to talk about how she took a leap from a successful corporate career, shifting gears to start a feminine care company with her partner.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Sep 29, 2020
Melanie Notkin

We are joined in this episode by Melanie Notkin, the founder of SAVVY AUNTIE: A Celebration of Modern Aunthood - a multi-platform lifestyle brand.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Sep 19, 2020
Ashleigh Evans

Join Aliza as she speaks with the inspiring owner and creator of InBooze, Ashleigh Evans.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Sep 18, 2020
Tabitha Blue

Listen in to our inspiring conversation with Tabitha Blue, author, influencer, entrepreneur and O! The Oprah Magazine Insider. Best known for her content on Fresh Mommy Blog, Tabitha gives tips for success, goal setting and balancing life.

   by SheSpeaksTeam    Sep 17, 2020