Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel

Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel

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Considering the low price of this product, I was very pleasantly surprised by how effective it is. My teeth aren't badly stained (one cup of coffee a day and usually drink water) but I did have some yellowing that was bothering me. I noticed a difference after one use so I'll probably use this product once or twice a week for regular maintenance. To other users considering a whitening gel, please remember - it only takes a little. Depending on your tray type, only use a very thin bead along the tray or a small dot for each tooth. The suction once you place the tray will spread out the gel for you. Also, try not to eat or drink anything (especially colored foods/beverages) for at least half an hour after you use a whitening product. Teeth have "pores" much like your skin that are opened and cleaned out when you use these type of products. I'd suggest using the Plus White right before bedtime or when you have a few hours between meals.

This worked remarkably well for such an inexpensive product. For the first couple of times make sure you leave it on for 15 minutes, this will help remove the deep stains! (I promise I am a smoker who loves red wine it got the stains out!) The best part about this product is the fact that it is the only one, out of many other much more expensive kinds I have tried, that did not make my teeth sensitive after I used it. I definantly recommend this!

This is a cool affordable way to whiten your teeth. I would suggest getting some more expensive strips from like Crest before you start using this because i think it's good for maintenance but doesn't lift deep stains. I use it almost daily with the trays I made from sports mouth guards and leave it on for about 25 to 45 minutes. I always get complements on my white teeth. Give it a shot! Walmart has it for like 7 bucks

Inexpensive, effective and simple to use. I did exactly what uhohcit did with the mouth guards, no problems :) It didnt bother my teeth, but it did make them more sensitive to temperature, not too much! I switched to a sensitive toothpaste right after whitening and no problems :) BUT be warned!!! if you over fill the mouth guards like I did once, it WILL burn your gums! You'll know right away if it starts to tingle, then look and the gums are shiny white (chemical burn), but will clear up within a day, as long as you dont exceed like 5 mins after your gums tingle (I don't recommend! I rinse and remove excess right away when I have the time) Nevertheless, great product and would definitely recommend

I absolutely LOVE this stuff. It works best when you use trays. Go to a sports store (like Big5) and buy 2 mouth guards (they're only a dollar). Then Put them in hot water and form them to your teeth so that you have you're own mouth trays. Hydrogen Peroxide can make your mouth foamy, so I usually whiten my teeth in the shower that way if it starts to get foamy I can just spit it out. For 7 dollars you get a lot of product and it whitens very fast. I used to use Crest strips but they are so much more expensive and they made my teeth hurt. I've never had a problem with sharp pains with Plus White. Another thing that bothered me was that the Crest strips aren't long so it would never get my back teeth and it would only whiten the front. When you use Plus white and the trays you can control what you whiten. You can find it at CVS.