Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner

Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner

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This product is ok. This leaves an oily film. It will take the dust away but you will have an oil an your furniture.

This does a wonderful job. I never use anything else.

I didn't like how it cleaned glass or wood. The glass was streaky and the wood was dull.

I absolutely love the wipes! I use them to remove dust from EVERYWHERE in my house. They have become a must have in my house. Without them I would be living in a much dustier place.

Streak free nice citrus scent often use it on glass shelves of my entertainment center the glass shelves cleaned beautifully leaving the clean scent behind

Awesome product!.... finally a all in one that really works.

Great product!

My absolute favorite cleaning product! Love how I can use this on multiple surfaces. Makes cleaning so much easier!

I grew up using this. I like that they have expanded the use and it's not just for wood surfaces anymore. It really works!!

A real time saver, but not so effective. It cleans well enough, but you really have to wipe it well to remove streaks and residue from glass or stainless steel. But it saves time and money if you don't mind putting a little muscle behind it.

I like that you can use it on multi surfaces. I use this on my flat screen TV's, computer screen, tablet, phone, etc. It does a great job on cleaning anything and has a light smell to it.

Fabulous idea! Love that they're multi-surface and not just for furniture!

This spray is great! Now I dont have to go out and spend a ton of money on different products for every different surface in my home. I love it!

I love this stuff! I can use it on every surface, while I do prefer to try and stay natural I do have a cleaner that I can use on the spur of the moment!

It does not clean as well as I expected. I was a little disappointed in this product.