Playtex  Sport Tampons

Playtex Sport Tampons

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A perfect tampon for men! I?m a man that loves to wear tampons daily This tampon is great!Inserts so easy and very comfortable I often forget about it but the string reminds me.

A great tampon for this man! I?m a male that loves all feminine hygiene products including tampons.i change often and this tampon is easy to insert and the knot on the string makes it so easy to remove.

Can?t feel them You can?t feel them once inserted. They are that comfortable! I have trouble finding a comfortable tampons but these are the best so far!

For the active woman This is my only type of tampon I use. It's the only one where I truly don't feel a thing and what I use when I head to the gym. There's no leaks and it stays put!

Favorite! I?ve always used Playtex tampons and I?m pretty sure I?ve tried every variety they?ve come out with and these have been the most comfortable. I love the applicator amd how well they work. Like I?m not wearing anything!

The only tampons I use Most tampons are horrible feeling and will leave you a nervous wreck all day, wondering if you?re leaking or not. These tampons eliminate that issue and move with your body, so it feels like you?re not even wearing anything (as much as possible?it is your period after all..) Highly recommend these to anyone trying to find a reliable, effective tampon.

Very good I like to wear these when I play volleyball! Comfortable, no leakage, can?t complain

It'll get the job done These are likely the only tampons I didn't like. They leaked and didn't seem to last nearly as long as other lines of Playtex or even other brands. They'll work if you don't have anything else and find these on super sale or you're given one.

Need some work I wasn't very impressed by these, and I love the brand. They seem to leak more than other tampons they make, which was a let down for me. Playtex has the right idea here, but it needs some fine tuning. They are comfortable, and attractive so I gave them a 3 out of 5. They'd be better suited for light days, or days when you don't plan on being especially active, which contradicts the name.

Love this product! I have been wearing Playtex Sport for years and absolutely love them! I'm not necessarily active but I love the shape when they open, it makes me feel safe versus just opening sideways and such!

These are the only brand of tampons I use! Goes in smooth and works well for active lifestyles.

My favorite tampons! Very easy and glide in. Comfortable

Great item only issue is that it leaks if you have a heavy flow I wouldn?t recommend

My favorite Tampon on the Market. I've been using this brand of Playtex tampons probably since they came out (When did they come out again? am I showing my age?) It's the only tampon that I wear and feel comfortable wearing. Yes, they do tend to leak sometimes, but I'm also a woman with a heavy flow due to my endometriosis.

Love this product, It is the only one I use. Can always depend on being comfortable and not worrying about leakage