Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons

Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons

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NO leak protection This are the best brand I have used to date. I prefer them over any other brand. They are comfortable, provides superior protection, and are leak proof.

Good product Good product used this all the time before my hysterectomy.

comfy These are pretty basic like all tampons but the comfort is great! you can totally feel the difference

So comfortable Besides wearing panties I love wearing tampons GentleGlide is so comfortable I like to change tampons every few hours and they are so easy to insert

If you think pms talk is tmi DONT READ! TY This review is strictly based off my heavy flow. Many people love Playtex but I can never get a good fit with the tampons. Because of the shape being that cone-like design, & cup - like collection and the fact that I have a super heavy flow and clotting, the Playtex tampon would slip right out!! And not just once! And at work! So I felt so insecure and scared that it was going to happen again and everyone would see the mess! I was also embarrassed at myself, bc how can it come out, omg am I big down there, nooo there's no way! Right? No, after research I found out its normal for that to happen with Playtex's design. Unfortunately, my heavy flow won't allow me to use them but my sister who has a light flow, loves the design!

I am a huge fan of Playtex tampons. In fact, they are the only brand I will use. I find that their tampons are not irritating and are easy to use. The Gentle Glide and Sport are the best because they truly move/glide with you throughout wear. I feel like you cannot really tell they are there because they are comfortable considering the circumstances.

Trusted for generations My mother bought my first tampons for me, and after trying another brand, and disliking the cardboard applicator, I asked her to buy Playtex for the Gentle Glide applicator; I have been buying them for myself all of my adult life. Menstruation isn't exactly fun, but I am glad to have reliable protection from Playtex.

These worked well for me. No leaks, the applicator wasn't finicky to use. No complaints.

Great Product Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons are great. They are comfortable and no leaks.

Comfortable but applicator could be better I purchase Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons in the size Ultra as my periods are extremely heavy due to Endometriosis. These tampons are comfortable and go in easily ,provided the plunger part of the applicator doesn't come loose. You have to be careful when you open the package of the tampon that you don't open the wrong end or you can pull it out accidentally and then it's a pain to get it back in. Other than that,they help with leak protection so I would still purchase these again.

These are the most comfortable tampons I've ever used! Easy to use. Easy to take out. I've not personally had any issues with leaking in all my years using these!

No leaks Very absorbing! No leaks whatsoever! I got these for my daughter and she loves them!!! Great for school she says

Playtex Playtex gentle glide is the only tampons that I will use. Never had an issue with leaking, no strong perfume smell and affordable.

No leak protection The first tampon I ever used. Gentle and comfortable application with leakproof protection.

Protection Although I use a pantiliner just in case, I find that I use these more than other brands simply because I trust the overall effectiveness it provides to me.