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  • BonnieWay By  BonnieWay    

    One of Our Favourite Sippy Cups

    This is one of our favourite sippy cups!!! It never leaked. Two handles made it easy for the girls to hold. The size was perfect for a first sippy cup. They took them to bed, in the car, out and about, around the house, etc. They did eventually chew through the sippy part but I think that was after two kids... :) Playtex is definitely the brand I look for when buying sippy cups.

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  • HappyMum By  HappyMum    

    This was one of my favorite cups when my oldest was learning to drink. The cap twists on easily and we had very minimal leaking if any. The colors are cute and the handles make it easy for young ones to grip as they drink. It's a great cup!

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  • mickey7879 By  mickey7879    

    No way could I get my son to take this cup when we were transitioning. After quite a few months he started taking it but then the top was cracking and was made useless.

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  • kellieleigh86 By  kellieleigh86    

    My daughter didn't want to have anything to do with this cup. Haha, I thought it was cute though.

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  • kinleysmommy By  kinleysmommy    

    I just got one of these for my daughter recently. She is five months old and we are using it for an 'introduction to the cup' for weening her from the bottle in a few months. So far I really like it. My daughter got the hang of what to do pretty easy with this and she seems to like the colors and the handles. It hasn't leaked. Maybe just a drop every once in a while but that is expected.

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