Playtex Drop-Ins Bottles

Playtex Drop-Ins Bottles

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Not my favorite. These bottle were a pain to use. Plus not very cost effective due to buying refills for the liners all the time.

I like this bottle. Out of the 4 other brands I tried this was the only one my son liked!

These were the first thing I tried with my little one when I have to introduce a bottle. This was my first choice because my mom used to use these. I found them difficult to use and hard to keep the air out.

Very rarely did my children use bottles during their infancy but I used these liners when they did after trying another brand of bottle without liners that gave my son extremely bad gas. The Playtex liners were a great relief as they seem to keep the air out and thus the baby gas pains to a minimum. Great for on the go, too!

these are fantastic for when your in a rush I loved it and great for on the go

These bottles and liners are the best that i found - we tried soooo many bottles when we were trying to transition from strictly breastfeeding. These prevented too much air from being swallowed, were already sterile, and he seemed to like the nipples the best. We started with a combo pack that had 2 bottles, several types of nipples, found on Amazon. The natural latch slow flow worked the best at first, now we have moved up to medium flow. I found the best price on liner refills on Amazon.

My daughter was breastfed and refused to take a bottle. The only bottle we could get her to take was the platex drop ins one and it was a life saver for when I had to be away from her.

Used these with both my boys, I loved them! If I had another child I'd use these.

We used Dr. Brown the first time around. Don't get me wrong. It's a great brand, but there are so many parts to clean. Working full-time and then coming home to clean loads of bottles and pieces isn't in the picture this time around. Playtex Drop-ins are dependable, and the drop-ins push air out that can cause gas. I also like that I don't have all the pieces to clean, and I don't have to have a counter top full of bottles!

Loved this product. Used for both my children. Great way to keep bottles sanitized. Great at keeping air out of the bottle.

I used these with my daughter, and they were great! I love how the bag bunches up and doesn't allow baby to swallow any air. I also like the easy clean up!

I used these for my daughter and thought they were a waste of money. you buy the drops ins because of easy clean up but the price adds up quickly. I would rather just wash the bottle, bought something different for my son

Love that you always have a clean bottle on hand. Feel a bit guilty about it not being the most environmentally friendly even though I put them in the recycle bin.

Makes life aot easier with a newborn. Alot less to have to wash.

I currently use these for my 3 month old. I love how convenient it is to just pop in a liner and wash the nipple, great for those late night feedings and traveling!