Playtex Coolster Tumbler Sippy Cup

Playtex Coolster Tumbler Sippy Cup

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My son has this cup. It is pretty leak proof and keeps the cold drink insulated and chilled for a good amount of time. The cap twists on easily and it just looks cool!! We have the lime green color. It is more of a mature looking cup and it makes him feel like he's got his travel mug, just like mommy and daddy's. ;)

This is a very durable cup. I bought a set of these (they came with 3 in the package) when my son was 2 and we still have them (he is now 7, almost 8). He does not use them as much as he used to, but sometimes I will give him water in there for bed so I know he isn't going to accidentally knock it off of his headboard and I will have a mid-night cleaning. I would highly recommend this cup, and the brand.

Love, love love this cup. Great for toddlers when they come to visit. No spills to clean up.

My toddler loves his cup like this. Was of course blue and went everywhere with us!

My son loves this cup. It drinks more like a regular cup and keeps his drinks colder for longer then others. The only problem I have with this cup is that it leaks more and more the longer we use it.

They are mostly good but sometimes they leak.


I love this product its great for the next step after bottle

My 3 year old & 1 year old prefer these to other sippy cups. They dont leak and the insulation keeps them cool longer than standard cups. They are spoutless so they drink more normally. This cup helped teach my 3 year old do drink from a regular cup.


we have one of this cups and i use it when we are on the go, it does not leak even after being on the dishwasher several times over a year.

We love these cups they don't spill and you don't have to worry about taking them with you in the car great cups for toddlers

Good cup for a toddler. The cup doesnt leak and it keeps the drink cool and fresh longer than a regular sippy cup. Definitely a good purchase.

Loves these cups. I have never had a spill and my oldest used to toss them

i love all of the Playtex cups including this one. I never have a problem with spills, even if I throw it in my purse upsidedown. Really great cups!