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  • sunshinegal64 By  sunshinegal64    

    Recently got this for my son as a birthday present. The best gift for another child. This car is very durable,fun to drive and easy to storage. I would love to ride on it but I am just too big. My children love this car so much I am purchasing another one.

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  • lucas567 By  lucas567    

    this is a really cool ride on toy lots of fun.

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  • WifeMomFriend By  WifeMomFriend    

    These are very fun cars to ride for any age. My almost 3 year old loves his and my 1 year old likes to ride with me. We bought 2 at over 50% off the normal price. I would only recommend purchasing these on sale because one has already broken (within the 1st week). The steering mechanism broke so that it spins around, but does not turn the wheels. I hope that my husband can find a way to fix this, but I still give this toy 4 stars because it is so much fun.

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  • sierramarie By  sierramarie    

    This is an awesome toy. My kids love riding this and so do I. It is great on driveways and sidewalks. We use ours on our basement floor which is tiled. We have also used it on our hardwood floors. I have not seen any damage to the floors. It is a lot of fun. It is extremely well made and very durable. We have had it for 4+ years now and it still looks great. My kids ride it daily. It is great for those winter months when they can't get outside to relieve some energy. I only wish we had two.

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  • kramertomkat By  kramertomkat    

    What a great way to teach Physics!! My mom bought one so the grandkids would have something to do at her house and they loved it! At one point in time we had all three (7,4,2) on it at one time. The only problem came was when we had to leave...

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  • beetle1385 By  beetle1385    

    I bought my 1 year old son one of these plasma cars for Christmas one year. He couldn't reach the pedals on a regular bike, but by the time summer came and he was 1 1/2 years old, we let him scoot around on his "Plasmacar". He loved it, as well as we did. It is durable and fun. You turn the handles back and forth and the car moves! It is perfect for flat surfaces, but isn't good if you plan on going up hills or on bumpy paths. Driveways and sidewalks are perfect. I went to a childrens museum with my Girl Scouts, I was the troop leader, and that is where I first saw them. I had to try it out! I must say, I was having as much fun as the girls, and I still hop on it once in a while. Great toy for children. I love it.

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