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  • Jewelzs8 By  Jewelzs8    

    I keep a few at my desk at work in between breakfast and lunch to snack on. I love the variety.

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  • kathyhayes By  kathyhayes    

    I got a high value coupon in the Sunday ad inserts and was really surprised at the taste. It lasted in my tummy for about 3 hours till i wanted another snack.

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  • CSverde By  CSverde    

    These are the perfect get up and go kind of breakfast bar, tasty and a good pairing to a cup of coffee.

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  • aholt27 By  aholt27    

    These are great, but would be a lot more healthy if they could cut out the high fructose corn syrup

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  • dbvernon By  dbvernon    

    I love this Plunters NUTrition Bars. They taste great. I love all the peanuts, cranberries and almonds that are included. They are healthy and taste great,which is hard to find in a lot of products. I would definitely recommend this product. It is very tasty. Unfortunately I don't buy them as much as I would like to because they are pricey for such a small little snack, but they do taste great.

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  • abean8992 By  abean8992    

    I love this bar. It is a great snack for late afternoon. Just the right amount of protein and carbs for a pick me up. I have tried several kinds and like theme all. Love to get them on sale and use a coupon. Helps with the cost

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  • Katiek By  Katiek    

    The perfect snack, a great pick me up with protein and sugar

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  • stuck108 By  stuck108    

    What I love about this is it's the perfect combination of salty/sweet. I absolutely love nuts and recommend this to anyone

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  • greenteamom56 By  greenteamom56    

    The Planters NUT-rition heart healthy bars are sooo very delicious. Loaded with cranberries, almonds and peanuts. For those counting calories there are 160 calories per bar. I am not one to like the chewy variety but i love these. The cranberry and nuts taste so fresh. All i can say it Yum!.

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