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  • kjhwriter By  kjhwriter    

    My all-time favorite pizza from Pizza Hut. I love their stuffed crust meat lovers pizza! My family is more of a pan pizza, but me, it's all about the stuffed crust.

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  • cynthia12345 By  cynthia12345    

    i love it but i do not like that you dont get as many toppings as you use to on it

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  • RedSky By  RedSky    

    Stuffed crust is my favorite. I try to avoid having to share this pizza with my brother when we have it as a family. He's one of those non crust eaters and that includes stuffed crust. Which is ridiculous because it's the best part of the pizza.

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  • LatinMama By  LatinMama    

    We love it! There is pure perfection with that stuffed crust from Pizza Hut. I just wish they have more sit down restaurants. Nowadays is like a pick up place only, at least where I am in MS.

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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    The crust is awesome! The cheese in it is a strong yummy flavor but the rest of the pizza is paper thin. They don't put any cheese on the rest of the pizza and it's just not a pizza but to be honest 4 stars for just the crust!! Btw they used to put a ton of pepperoni on this but not anymore. I love dipping the marinara with this because you need at least something to the rest of the pizza.

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  • Chastity23 By  Chastity23    

    I am not big on pizza hut so I was a bit skeptical about trying this stuffed crust when my son insisted.Just like I thought. Nothing at pizza hut can excite me. Sorry but that's just my personal feelings.

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  • mordor By  mordor    

    I love stuffed crust pizza.

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  • misskclyburn By  misskclyburn    

    Love this pizza.Stuff crust is the best.

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  • Babygeorgia By  Babygeorgia    

    Great zesty sauce, plenty of cheese on the pizza itself and then a great cheesy crust. Pizza Hut consistently makes a great pizza.

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  • angie1966 By  angie1966    

    mouth watering goodness

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  • Shurma By  Shurma    

    I love the stuffed crust from the pizza it always makes my mouth watery when I'm about to give the pizza a bite

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  • gabbiec10 By  gabbiec10    

    Great pizza! I love it !

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  • davidh61 By  davidh61    

    This kind of pizza has different types of toppings (meat). The sauce is just the right amount, along with different meats. This kind of a pizza is filling. compared to some pizzas that out there are not filling or taste very good. I love all the different types of pizza combos. I would recomend pizza hut to everyone.

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  • akumm001 By  akumm001    

    I am not a fan of this or any of the Pizza Hut Pizza. The pan pizzas are way to greasy and the crust is just saturated with the grease. I feel this completely takes the taste away from what it should be.

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  • lilith By  lilith    

    the best ever pizza...

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