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  • LuckyBobtail By  LuckyBobtail    

    I love all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! This was more of a fluff film compared to the others with a light plot so perfect for movie night.

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  • B_bear1012 By  B_bear1012    

    Johnny Depp...EXCELLENT. Orlando Bloom...DREAMY. Keira Knightly...The only reason I hate the movies. I would've loved to see someone else play Elizabeth Swan. Other than that pretty entertaining throughout the movies.

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  • Abagailfreestuff By  Abagailfreestuff    

    This movie didn't have a great storyline/plot however it was somewhat entertaining. It was one of those movies where you think it's pretty stupid, but your not going to turn it off....Ya know?

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  • meAlinaandI By  meAlinaandI    

    I am a asolute Fan! I would recommend to watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies!

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  • laurlaur04 By  laurlaur04    

    I love this movie! The entire franchise is amazing. Action packed and keeps you on your toes! Not to mention it is pretty hilarious at times.

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  • lilbluetreefrog By  lilbluetreefrog    

    Not as good as the first couple. Seems like they're just trying to stretch this out to make as much $$ as possible, but the quality and story line are not supporting it.

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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    This is another franchise I just wish they would let die. It's boring and predictable

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  • Dsaraliz By  Dsaraliz    

    I love this movie Johnny Depp is hilarious I have the whole collection that I love his acting I will recommend this movie if anyone wants to watch it go for it

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  • DannyL By  DannyL    

    Please make more movies in the series!

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  • patski9 By  patski9    

    Excellent movie

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  • Southernmotherky2 By  Southernmotherky2    

    It was a fun bit of fluff movie. Of course it helped that I like the 2 main actors. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a just for fun movie without a deep plot.

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  • msRenee By  msRenee    

    I would definitely love all the Pirates movies!! They are so fun to watch and Johnny Depp is great as well.

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  • kjc2001 By  kjc2001    

    Glad I didnt buy this movie, the only one worth watching (to me) was the first one!

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  • Speakheather By  Speakheather    

    Not a bad watch, but I really think this is one of those series that they should have stopped at the first movie. The first was absolutely wonderful but I found myself disappointed with the direction they took it in the sequels.

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  • shanif2 By  shanif2    

    LOVE jack sparrow, but this movie wasnt up to par with all the other pirates movies.

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