Pioneer Brand Peppered Gravy Mix

Pioneer Brand Peppered Gravy Mix

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If you're gonna use a mix... I prefer to make my cream gravy, but when I'm in a hurry no one notices a difference. It saves the day when I'm in a pinch!

This gravy is easy to make yet still tastes homemade (with out all the effort). I really like all the products Pioneer Brand makes. Good comfort food! I really like it with biscuits or on country fried steak. You just can't beat a great taste that is so easy to make!

I'm not the biggest fan of this gravy mix. I have tried it and didn't like the taste. It seemed like too much flour and not enough spices. Definitely didn't like that flour taste mixed with biscuits. While it tasted ok on the country fried chicken that's about all I would use it for. I'll stick to homemade biscuits and gravy and use this on something that already has a lot of flavor.

I have bought this item when grocery shopping. I am a big fan of this brand. It is delicious! ! Taste homemade and I recommend this product.

Tastes just like grandma used to make

This is great for making biscuits and gravy any time. It's so easy to fix and takes so little time. Always tastes good.

Nothing beats a hot tray of biscuits and a cup of this. Always comes out thick and hearty with just the right amount of heat. The perfect thing to store back for a cold day.

My favorite gravy mix. Great on top of chicken fried steak, biscuits, or to dunk chicken nuggets in. I keep this in my pantry at all times.

Great tasting very thick and rich gravy everytime.This is the best from a mix gravy I have found and one package makes two cups. They also have brown, chicken and other flavors.