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  • JoselynegGuzman09 By  JoselynegGuzman09    

    Love it!!! I get alot of ideas for the birthday parties, and ideas for photoshoots 🙌🏻

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    Neat ideas and pictures

    While I do love the variety of ideas and pictures posted on Pintrest I find the site somewhat difficult to use myself. Perhaps I just need more experience with it but I tend not to use it often because of this.

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  • Nellygirl07 By  Nellygirl07    

    I?m on Pinterest all the time. It has so many great things on there!

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  • asianetta By  asianetta    

    Keep bringing me back

    I LOVE logging on...maybe even a little too much. I feel like if you have an idea but dont know quite how to get there this is the site to go to. You can find a vision for just about anything you can think of.

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  • mariasays By  mariasays    

    adorable clever site !

    love this site! love the concept of pinterest i love the pictures and the sections ! it is a site that you can find everything and spend several hours ! do not open it while working !

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  • slachance20 By  slachance20    

    Love Pinterest. Its so easy to lost into but great site.

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  • LeanettaScott By  LeanettaScott    

    Best Place for Ideas on Everything

    Pinterest is my go to and I truly mean that. It has all the best ideas for any and every thing under the sun. I get all of my party and decorating ideas from here. I have a wedding board but no fiancé or even a boyfriend lolz. I ave boards for every holiday and I must say I have made several of the recipes I got from there like a English roast with popovers and onion gravy and roasted potatoes. It came out really well and my children ate every drop. I have also made several desserts and some cock and mock tails too. You can't go wrong on here try it and you too may become a Pinning addict.

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  • gkhernand By  gkhernand    

    I LOVE Pinterest!

    Pinterest has given me a way to organize my ideas for decorating my home, enhancing my recipes, and wearing makeup!

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  • Chelsealove95 By  Chelsealove95    

    My absolute favorite website ever! I'm on Pinterest at least once a day, and it's so easy to use! The idea you get from this site are phenomenal, I just love it.

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  • Flojo11 By  Flojo11    

    It's great for those who love to create things and learn about useful hacks!

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  • katieshuck By  katieshuck    

    I love Pinterest, although it can get very addicting! There are so many great ideas for food, craft, home decor, travel, and so much more. The only problem that I have is that, because you're often pinning from blogs, after a while some of the links are no longer valid. I've also found several spam links - they'll have a great picture of something I'm interested in but when I click on the link, it goes to something completely different. However, overall, this is a phenomenal site to use to quickly find ideas for dinner, holidays, kids and more.

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  • Budgirl By  Budgirl    

    My favorite site. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😊 Love having several boards I can refer back to. I spend couple hours a day on this sight. Great ideas for so many things. 👍🏻😉

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  • Mommy382014 By  Mommy382014    

    Completely obsessed with this app! You can find everything and anything you need all in one place.

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  • Mellissajm By  Mellissajm    

    Pinterest is the most amazing app for anyone. Easy interface makes it simple to use. Fear no more about losing a post they are all stored by categories on your own boards. This is perfect for chefs, artist, models, stay at home moms, thrifty people. EVERYONE. but be for warned once you go pinterest you never go back.

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  • jo8207 By  jo8207    

    My go to place for recipes,crafts, inspiration lol I even use it for my blog. This site great when needing ideas for parties and such

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