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  • Giftigegogga By  Giftigegogga    

    Pink for president

    Pink is one of my favorite singers ever. I love her music and will buy any of her cd's. She have a creative mind when it comes to her music videos that you cant wait to watch them. Beautiful trauma is a song that make everyone think that it was written for them we all had a beautiful trauma in our life's on one point or another

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  • sassyladyLS By  sassyladyLS    

    Love her music

    I could just listen to pink all day, I have been a fan of hers forever and i never get tired of her. I love hearing her live and i just love her.

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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    Pink is unstoppable

    This album is not one you want to pass up great quality plenty of songs I'd recommend this to women everywhere I love her voice she's a talented singer unique and her music never gets old she's the real deal

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  • ashenowl By  ashenowl    

    Same Pink, Great Music

    I love Pink and this album is no exception. She has a great variety of pop tracks and emotional ballads. One of my favorite albums from her!

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  • MsWendy By  MsWendy    

    Down To Earth Pink

    How can you not like this woman. She is fiesty, yet down to earth. She has many layers to her life as well as her songs. You can't go wrong with the musical talents of Pink! She says what she feels no matter what anyone else says. I look up to her. I believe she has grown in many ways over the years. I bet her daughter will be just like her. My favorite 2 songs from this particular album are of course the title song Beautiful Trauma and Whatever You Want.

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  • Dzenita By  Dzenita    


    Amazing. She has yet to put out an album I dont like!

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  • ChassyMarie89 By  ChassyMarie89    


    I think if your a true Pink fan you will notice how much she has grown up and evolved by listening to this album. Pinks great as ever even though her music has changed a lot over the years. Its like we grow and evolve with these artist as well. If your a pink fan then its a must. Its a good album with great music.

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  • maxsmommy12 By  maxsmommy12    

    Buy it now!

    Amazing. This is classic Pink style. That being said, it's magical how edgy and relevant her music is. Her voice is raw and she's a gifted artist. I would recommend to anyone that likes any Pink song ever.

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