Pineapple Paradise

   By ChefErin  Jan 31, 2011


When selecting a fresh pineapple, the best tool is your nose. If the pineapple smells like pineapple it's ripe. Remember though, cold mutes scent so if you're choosing a pineapple from a refrigerated case it may be more difficult to tell. Other clues in ripeness are fresh-looking, deep green leaves and brightly colored skin. In addition, your pineapple should feel plump and heavy for its size and should give slightly when you squeeze it.


Pineapple Flambé

Makes 2 to 4 desserts


2 Tbsp butter

4 1/2" thick slices of fresh pineapple

2 Tbsp brown sugar

1/2 tsp ground allspice

a pinch of ground cloves

1/2 cup coconut or spiced rum

4 scoops vanilla ice cream

4 Tbps chopped macadamia nuts

4 slices of pound cake (optional, see note)

Melt butter over medium heat in a large skillet. Add pineapple slices and cook for 5 minutes. When the pineapple has started to soften and begun to brown, turn over the slices and continue to cook for an additional 5 minutes. Add the brown sugar, allspice and cloves. Stir until the sugar has dissolved. Remove the pineapple to serving plates.


Stir in the rum. (If you are using a gas stove, move pan off heat to add the rum so it doesn't flare up before you are ready.) Continue to cook the sauce until the rum is hot, then tip the pan slightly to ignite the rum using a long lighter or the flame from the gas burner. Be careful because the flame will shoot above the rim of the pan. When the flames subside, spoon the warm sauce over the pineapple. (If the sauce seems too thin, cook for another couple minutes until it is syrupy in consistency.) Top each pineapple slice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chopped macadamia nut. Serve immediately.


Note: A friend of mine said she'd like a way to sop up all the delicious rum sauce. If you are so inclined, serve some sliced pound cake on the side for the extra rum sauce.


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shopping2scale by shopping2scale | Old fort, TN
Mar 06, 2011

wow, I did not know how to determine when a pineapple was ripe, I never ever even cut a fresh pineapple up before, I was tickled last week when I went to Aldies and they had them for ,99 cents I picked up 2 of them and cut them, I first tested them to make sure they were ripe by smelling them. Thank you for the tip.....

LovelyCourt by LovelyCourt | BALTIMORE, MD
Feb 25, 2011

im about to try this right now!

hypnicjerk by hypnicjerk | Seattle, WA
Feb 12, 2011

Tried it. This was GREAT!!

ChefErin by ChefErin | SEATTLE, WA
Feb 09, 2011

jg2000 - Great tip! Thanks for sharing. ~ Chef Erin

GalinNC by GalinNC | DURHAM, NC
Feb 08, 2011

One tip my dad gave me on picking pineapples - in addition to smell, if one of the green leaves easily comes out - it's ready!

Krystone by Krystone | Roann, IN
Feb 08, 2011

Looks wonderfully delicious and easy to prepare! Can't wait to try it.

pukwudjies by pukwudjies | Seattle, WA
Feb 08, 2011

Yes, this recipe is easy to follow and the results nothing shy of EXTREEM YUM! It took me right back to my recent vacation in Kona, Hawaii. Pineapple Sunshine on a cloudy day!

ChefErin by ChefErin | SEATTLE, WA
Feb 08, 2011

Peemahill - Thanks for the compliment and the comments. Much appreciated! ~ Chef Erin

Peemahill by Peemahill | Jefferson, PA
Feb 08, 2011

Great recipe. I tried it and it is delicious!!!!!!!!

Peemahill by Peemahill | Jefferson, PA
Feb 08, 2011

Love her recipes. They are tasty, easy to do and very unique. Really love her articles Please keep them coming!!!!!!!! Thanks to Chef Erin!!!!!

loricm by loricm | Shakopee, MN
Feb 08, 2011

Can't wait to try this, Thanks Chef Erin.

hypnicjerk by hypnicjerk | Seattle, WA
Feb 05, 2011

This sounds sooooo good! Thank you, Chef Erin.