Pillsbury Ready to Bake Chocolate Chip with Hershey's

Pillsbury Ready to Bake Chocolate Chip with Hershey's

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Nothing compares to this brand of cookies! I have a hard time keeping these in my fridge they're that good. I will never buy any other brand of premade cookie dough!

Cookies!! I love chocolate chip cookies especially when they are made from philsbory dough!! Always delicious and easy to make!!

Great when I'm feeling Lazy.... These cookies are so good and fool my family. I am an avid baker and make home made cookies a lot...but when i'm feeling lazy I make these and no one knows the difference...or at least on one complains and they disappear faster than i can cook them.

Quick and delicious! My family loves these cookies. They are great tasting and so easy to bake. I love how I can just pop them in the oven and no prep is needed.

These are great. I like to underbake mine so they will be extra gooey in the middle! Yum!

Easy to bake and delicious!

Convenient and delicious. A fast way to make great homemade cookies.

Great snack/treat on a cold winter day. i luv them.

I love Pillsbury products! They take no time to bake and taste homemade!

These are so delicious, and so easy to bake. Even a one-armed monkey could bake these!!! Love pilsbury especially with all the coupons I cut always have them on hand.

These taste great, I just wish there were more in a package.

These are so delicious. Perfect for any time and any day. After years of making these i've finally learned the trick to a perfectly baked cookie and that is tp take it out of the oven before time so you have a soft gewy center and a crunchy rim so simple and easy and great to eat anytime

Easy to make, come out tasting great

Great snack/treat on a cold winter day. Awesome product!