Pillsbury Grands Southern Style Frozen Biscuits

Pillsbury Grands Southern Style Frozen Biscuits

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Yum! I love having a bag of these in my freezer! Perfect for a dinner side or to make quick biscuits for breakfast! Delicious and easy!

Great value! As close to Grandma's biscuits as you can get, in less than half the time.

best biscuits These are the best frozen biscuits. They're fluffy and taste fresh.

Easy & Yummy These are great to have on hand when I don't want to fuss with making biscuits. Just pop them in the oven and they are perfectly cooked. Soft and flavorful. They work great for making biscuits & gravy. We love them!

Love the ease of these and that you can make the amount you want. Flavor not bad not great.

Great tasting and easy to cook. These are great! They taste good, are fast to bake in the oven and work great for lots of dishes. I use them for biscuits and gravy, side with stew and even for breakfast sandwiches. Simple to cook, just open the bag and put them on a cookie sheet...and bake. Reseal the bag if you don't use them all, and save the rest in the freezer. Easy!

These are my favorite biscuits they are so delicious and fluffy. Also they are easy to make especially when you don't want to make a whole can of biscuits.

Perfect for needing a few So good, nice and light and fluffy. Quick and easy when you only need a couple. Good taste not dry.

Well these are o.k. but to me they just have too much bread, i know that it's a biscuit but i had rather have the walmart brand frozen biscuits.

Perfect for when you don't want to make a whole can of biscuits!

These are great to use on the top of the pan when making chicken with dumplings. Money and time saver.

Love these biscuits! I have never been able to make fluffy, good tasting biscuits. These have been a lifesaver for me more than once. My husband loves these.

These are yummy biscuits. They're very close to homemade taste.

For a frozen biscuit these are wonderful. They are very close to home made and don't have the taste of a can biscuit. I like that you can take out a couple or use the whole bag. What a great idea and product.

Delicious. Almost homemade tasting.