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  • Proudmom86 By  Proudmom86    

    Good quality

    My daughter has this exact lady bug. She loves it. She has had it for at least 5 years now. And it has held up really well.. Even thru a wash.

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  • Caitlin14 By  Caitlin14    

    Super Fun and Durable!

    My girls love their pillow pets and they have lasted so long! They don't fall apart or break after a month or two. We have had ours for anywhere from 2 months to 4 years! Love them!

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  • Stephyycakess24 By  Stephyycakess24    

    cute and comfortable

    i love pillow pets, i remember being younger and begging my mom for one. they are super cute and have a variety of animals to pick out of. once extended the pillow is actually a good size to rest your head on. A big plus is that it is easy to wash! :)

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  • JamJam77 By  JamJam77    

    I love Pillow Pets

    I looooooove pillow pets! 2 years ago for Christmas several people young and old received these as gifts!!! And everyone whom received them are using them to this day, whether as just an additional pillow on the bed or in my toddlers case it's his everyday pillow. They have so many animals that Shirley there will be one right for anyone I mean who doesn't want to Snuggle with their favorite animal right?!?!

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  • ElephantsRule By  ElephantsRule    

    Love, Love, Love my pillow pet!! soft and comfortable, easy to wash. Perfect for road trip or plane rides! I love the variety of characters, from Disney to sports teams and on!

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  • Aryagendry By  Aryagendry    

    My daughter had a unicorn Pillow Pet. She loved it. She use to lay her head on it and watch tv. She'd snap legs together and use it as a stuffed animal. She took it everywhere. It was a huge hit on a 12 hr car trip we took, her cousins just had to get one of their own after that. Very sturdy product, when it got dirty I threw it in the washer and dryer. It would keep its form.

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  • AmySS84 By  AmySS84    

    My daughter loves her pillow pet!! She has several. One she sleeps with and a few that she uses when she watches tv. We have given several for gifts to family and friends. It is fun to see their faces light up when they see which animals they have received. My daughter likes the peguin the best.

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  • candries By  candries    

    My grandbabies all LOVE their pillow pets. The pillow folds in half underneath and fastens with Velcro. Needs more stuffing in them. If your child uses them often to sleep on, they get flat really quickly.

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  • LilahsMommy143 By  LilahsMommy143    

    This is such a cute stuffed animal that doubles as a pillow for your little one! My daughter absolutely loves her ladybug and unicorn pillow pets. They are both very plush and soft. These pillows are perfect for trips and sleepovers. My daughter takes hers with her everytime she sleeps over at her grandparents or friends. It would make a great gift for any young child (age 2-10).

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  • NanaIn805 By  NanaIn805    

    These items are so adorable and soft. I bought one for my daughter and nephew and liked them so much I ended up buying one for myself

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  • Sam0420 By  Sam0420    

    My little one loves to cuddle up to her pillow pet for naps! It's soft and comfy. Plus it is adorable!

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  • jgreenhood By  jgreenhood    

    My niece absolutely love these! They are soft, huggable & snugglable! The perfect pet!

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  • kupkakekrissy By  kupkakekrissy    

    Cute, soft and my baby cousin loves it, she's had one since she was little and is now 5 and still carry it around 24/7

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  • NattyG By  NattyG    

    My Daughter received the unicorn as a gift when her Baby Sister was born. She loves it! It's soft and not so big that she can't carry it around and take it on trips.

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  • lmann117 By  lmann117    

    My daughter is crazy about her pillow pet! She has a penguin and the lady bug and sleeps with it everynight! I expect my son will be wanting one too!

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