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Pick Your Poison: Is There A Wiser Way To Drink?

Pick Your Poison: Is There A Wiser Way To Drink?

Before you make that toast this holiday season, you may want to think about what's in your glass and how it will make you feel in the morning.  New reports are coming out that show which types of liquor are more likely to give you a hangover the next day.  One thing to keep in mind it seems is, the darker the liquor, the bigger the hangover according to an article from CNN.

The study, published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, reveals the brown spirits like whiskey and rum warrant the worst side effects the next day, probably due to the fact that they contain more of a substance called congeners.  Congeners are used in alcohol production for color and taste but can also directly effect a person's cell function which can be felt in the form of a stomachache or headache in the morning. 

The study's participants were given either Wild Turkey bourbon or Absolut vodka, both of which have about the same amount of alcohol content.  The people who drank the bourbon were more likely to report the effects of a hangover the next day.  What researchers also found, however, was that regardless of whether they drank bourbon or vodka they were all about 2 percent slower on a series of performance tests the next day. 

It may not sound like much, but head author of the study Damaris Rohsenhow, tells CNN, "That could make a difference if they have to respond to a situation in a car, or if they're running  a conveyor belt in a factory and they're slower to react to a situation wheresomething's going wrong."  It is estimated that hangovers cost the U.S. $148 billion in lost productivity in the workplace each year.

Though the best advice for avoiding a hangover is to not drink at all, if you do have a couple of drinks while celebrating this year, there are some things you can do to lessen your chances of suffering in the morning. John Brick, author of The Doctor's Hangover Handbook, advises that you should drink as much water as is comfortable before going to bed and to intersperse drinks of water while consuming alcohol.  Also, drinking Gatorade or some other type of sports drink in the morning will help replenish vitamins and fluids you lost the night before. 

What do you think of the recent study regarding hangovers?

Will the study's findings have an effect on what you pour in your glass this year?

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  • pgarcia74 By pgarcia74

    I've heard this information before, but I still drink wiskey. I do drink lots of water while I drink and before going to bed. That makes all the difference the next morning. Is the same true for wine?

  • pjclayton57 By pjclayton57

    I have also heard this information before and have also heard that the sugar content in the liquor and/or mixers can also contribute to the level of the hangover. I doubt that these findings will change what people drink - we like what we like. Moderation is certainly the key to completely avoid a hangover! Happy Holidays!

  • mardel By mardel

    Never hear about that ingredient in liquor! The thought makes you wonder if the liquor company should put some kind of warning on their bottles!! I guess it's the consumers who need to do their own research and I am sure drinking with responsibility could help also!

  • idahospud By idahospud

    All in moderation.Anything has a bad effect if abused.Alcohol dehydrates you,thats why water & gatoraid helps.I limit my alcohol consumption,because I like to stay in control of myself.Besides,A drunk person is not a pretty sight.

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    Use moderation and common sense.

  • divaskyxoxo By divaskyxoxo

    In moderation but also have a couple friends of yours with you, that way they can monitor you. That way just in case they can stop you from drinking too much or if you have already gotten past that point, they can take care of you.

  • mintaka By mintaka

    The older I get the less I drink, but it's still good to have this information.

  • PaulaSuzz By PaulaSuzz

    I suffer from chronic migraine headaches. Years ago, I discovered that I could drink a bit (2-3 drinks) Vodka (clear) without getting a migraine. I seldom drink anymore because I can't drink without getting a migraine (even 1-2 drinks) any longer.

  • Alyssarae92293 By Alyssarae92293


  • celiahumphrey By celiahumphrey

    I think my way is the wisest, I DON'T DRINK!

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