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  • Peaches34 By  Peaches34    

    Love the colors

    I love all Physician Formula products especially the set of three you get with this, the colors look great with my eyes and when I apply it goes on nice which I love.

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  • Nrae28 By  Nrae28    

    I really love the Physicians Formula Eyeliners. They were super creamy and they last forever on your crease. My only complaint was they weren't good for the waterline, they seemed to fade pretty quickly.

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  • brandynicolesmith1996 By  brandynicolesmith1996    

    I love Physician's Formula. They have great products. I bought the concealer twins. It was about $8. It was yellow, and light concealer. You apply the yellow first, and the regular concealer last. It's supposed to help get rid of green, and purple around the eyes. I have been using it since December. It really works! I only use black eyeliner. I would use brown though too.

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  • freecyclestacy By  freecyclestacy    

    Ihave the trio in "Nude Eyes". These are great liners and are perfect for someone who has never worn eyeliner or who wants variety in their looks. The Nude Eyes set comes with a black, taupe, and champagne. It retails for around $11, which is a steal for 3 liners of this quality. I use the champagne in my water line and on my lower lashes to brighten my eyes and use the taupe on my upper lash line near the outside corners to create a smoky look. They are fabulous and once they set, do not budge! Definitely worth the money.

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  • fabbri By  fabbri    

    with a regular retail price around $11, this set of three eyeliners can be a pretty good value. The shades are supposed to complement your eye color - so, there's a trio for brown, green, hazel, and blue -- but personally, I'm not that interested in making my brown eyes look a whole lot browner, and I really wish the pencils were available individually. If I only want one shade from the trio, it's wasteful all around to buy it. Anyway, the pencils are the self-sharpening, twist-for-more kind, which is good and bad -- no need to sharpen but also no easy way to get a fine point. The pigmentation is quite good, and applies easily -- no pulling or going over the same spot again and again. Despite being soft, I'd say the pencils are medium blendable, and, as the day wears on, the color does not crease or smudge hardly at all.

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