Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Bronzer Blush Eyeshadow

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Bronzer Blush Eyeshadow

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I love Physicians formula and I especially love the bronzing strips! I use on my whole face. I blend together for a healthy warm glow on my cheeks and also to contour and make it seem like I have a kiss of sun on me! they are so versatile you can use on your eye lids, too!

Love the way you can use all the colors on your face without having to deal with a bunch of different products. Easy to use. And physicians has a great name for itself.

I love all of the Physician's Formula products and feel safe using a new product. Even though I have not tried this particular producr, I find it to be unique using all the warm colors to create the best bronzer or eye shadow. As a woman with dark blond hair, I usually use the browns for eyeshadow as well as bronzers. The brown colors help to keep my complexion from looking too washed out and pale. And it makes it easy to go from day to night. I really like that the blush isn't too red and it would be easy to blend the blush into the bronzer with a make up sponge. I can keep it simple for daytime use and a bit more of a smokey effect for the evening.

Fabulous product! I bought this in wakiki strip and I use it in a variety of ways, but mostly as a highlighter to give me a warm glowy JLO effect. At first when I purchased this I wasn't sure if I was going to like it as the colors are a bit on the warm side, but I have to say after using it a couple of times I'm hooked. I often find myself using all the colors swirled together as a bronzer. Or I often use the top two colors as highlighters on my cheekbones, bridge of the nose, corner of my eyes and on the brow bones. This product has lasted me forever and I think it looks great in pictures. Would I purchase again, definitely! Good job Physician's Formula!

Physicians Formula has some great hits - which they better considering they are high priced for drugstore. They have super soft, easy to use eyeshadows, silky and beautiful blushes, and the best eyeliners. BUT they do have their (overpriced) misses. I was surprised to find this product powdery and not at all smooth. It was hard to get some color payoff as well. This is one of those you should save money and get Bobby Brown instead.

It is just as the name suggests. SHIMMER. If you don't like a really good highlight or shimmery shadow don't pick it up. I find it is very workable as shadow and highlight. Really weakens the face up a bit. I have seen people try to use it as a bronzed but that was far too shimmery. Still an amazing and versatile product

use this above my cheek to add an extra shine to them. I love all their products!

Like the brand

I loved this bronzer for the price, although it could stand to be a little cheaper

Loveeee this!!!!!! I use it as a highliher for my cheek bones, as eyeshadow, bronzer, and blush. It just everything in one. Great for the summer. This is woth buying agin.

I have purchased this exact product, and even though I was not disappointed at the time, I soon discovered that the store carried an offbrand that looked very similar, for $4!!! I thought the quality wouldn't be as good, but that I would give it a shot. I am very picky about makeup, and couldn't even tell a difference. - So, if you don't have a cheaper option, this is a good product, but be sure to look around before you purchase it!

i have this and i love it!!! its soft so its easy to apply. i use it as a bronzer/ blush and also eyeshadow and if you apply a shimmer stick to you eye lid first and then pack the bronze color in, it makes it very vibrant. i hate it when you buy a pretty eye shadow color and put it on and its just okay.. so i do this with all my eye shadows pretty much and i love it!

WOW! This product is's a blush, bronzer, and eyeshadow in one pallet. The colors are gorgeous and have a subtle shimmer. It looks great as a shadow, bronzer, and blush! There are There are 6 different color pallets to choose from. This product is a great addition to your makeup bag, and is a great way to save money on cosmetic purchases (3-in-1)!