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  • jacezara23 By  jacezara23    

    I have been using this product for years, after applying the Physician's Formula foundation and it never seems to fail. It is my favorite product!

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  • debbdogg By  debbdogg    

    works nice

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  • CraysMom By  CraysMom    

    I tried this when I left my powder at home (used my sisters Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-free Loose Powder) I t was ok just did not seem to last as long as my usual powder.

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  • wllangys By  wllangys    

    didn't hold up though the day had to touch up alot

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  • blushingirl By  blushingirl    

    I didn't really care for this mineral power that well there are definitely better brands to go with.I thought this power was to cakey.

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  • Bayou715 By  Bayou715    

    Pros: non-irritating so good product for sensitive skin....applicator brush is softer than most built-in brushes...color blends well. Cons:...coverage is very sheer so I had to add several layers to get an even tone.

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  • jasmineandbrian2 By  jasmineandbrian2    

    I love physicians formula! Drug store price with high end quality!

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  • HelloRaquel By  HelloRaquel    

    I bought this in a P.F flawless complexion kit and I hated it. It's extremely cakey and the 'light' color showed up as a ruddy orange color on my skin. I only used it 3 times before I retired it to my graveyard of unused beauty products.

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  • Magdalana By  Magdalana    

    I tried this sort of on a whim and I am IN LOVE!! It feels great on my face and it looks great. The brush blends perfectly, and is quick to use. Some powders seem like they put too much on no matter what you do, but not this stuff.

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  • twinklebell117 By  twinklebell117    

    love it!!

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  • KareyB By  KareyB    

    I love this product. I have sensitive skin which is why I started buying this brand. I love everything I have tried from Physicans Formula.

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  • Kas284 By  Kas284    

    This stuff is great! It has good coverage, from light to full. It's very build-able and breathable, and has never irritated my skin!

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  • wommfan79 By  wommfan79    

    Hated it, I won two of these during a raffle at a house party, and while I was excited to use them, my face had other plans. I broke out in a rash and it made me look hideously oily, I'll never buy this again!

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  • jakki_edwards By  jakki_edwards    

    I love this stuff! I have been using it for years! It's a great powder to top off your look. And It is made by a great company.

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  • freecyclestacy By  freecyclestacy    

    I absolutely love this product. Some would be turned away because of the price. This powder retails for between $13-15 at the drugstore. Despite this being an expensive price for the drugstore, this powder is worth it. First, it lasts a long time. I have had the same jar for at least 9 months and I have hardly put a dent in it. Even though it is pricey, you will have this product for a long time! Second, it has no smell and is great for sensitive skin. Finally, it provides a decent many of coverage for a powder foundation, and this coverage can be ramped up with the addition of a liquid underneath.

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