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  • mespeaks99 By  mespeaks99    

    I have fair skin so I buy this in the shade translucent. My skin can be a little red in areas so this is a great product for correcting the overall color. It has swirls of yellow, pink and green powder which combat different issues. The green does an excellent job of reducing the red color of my skin. The red is great for hiding darkness under the eyes. It is also a mineral powder which benefits the skin as well. I love this product and have been using it for years.

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  • crissyls By  crissyls    

    This is so light feeling and enhances your natural beauty a big must have in my make-up trunk.

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  • kianavandeezy By  kianavandeezy    

    I use this everyday. This is probably my third time buying this product. I recently stopped wearing foundation, now I just use a bb cream and top it off with this amazing powder and my skin looks flawless all day long! (without adding this on top of my bb cream my skin just doesn't look as nice). Physicians formula is probably my favorite brand for face makeup, hands down.

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  • arelyjrosario By  arelyjrosario    

    Gives you a chalky look.

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  • brandynicolesmith1996 By  brandynicolesmith1996    

    I really like Physicians Formula. I have tried their all natural mascara, and correcting concealer. It's two ended to help get rid of purple, and green on skin. I used it for my eyes. I have really bad purple circles under my eyes. I always have since I was a child. It really works. They have some great products, and I sure this would help get rid of purple under my eyes, and redness in my cheeks.

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  • lilliandougherty By  lilliandougherty    

    I loved this, I used it for a whole summer before I started using cream foundations and concealers. It was a bit of a gateway for me and I still use it when it's hot out.

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  • pinkc4c By  pinkc4c    

    Love this product! I started getting acne after my last child & I love that this evens out my skin & give me a very light amount of coverage. I use a tinted sunscreen with it & some concealer & my skin looks great without looking like I'm wearing a ton of make up

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  • xxcassie2coolxx By  xxcassie2coolxx    

    I got this in a set for $20.the redd It works really well. Get rid of red in my cheeks. I give it three stars becuase ELF has a podwer just like this for only $3 and works just as good.

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  • saraphina_2884 By  saraphina_2884    

    I got the flawless skin version which comes with mineral a face powder,finnishing veil, and nude glow blush. Was only 15 dollars for the set and they work wonderfully. covers my blemishes and makes my skin look smooth and natural.

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  • cgreviews By  cgreviews    

    Covers the redness nicely and evens out skin tone pretty well. I wouldn't really use it alone because it does make my face look a little lighter (even though I got one with color) but a light powder is all you need to just give yourself some color.

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  • joboop69 By  joboop69    

    I have rosacea and I love this product. It covers the redness without looking cakey.

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  • whimsy47 By  whimsy47    

    I started using this product along with the three little bottles of correcting liquid (pink, green, beige) that came with it at the time when I was experiencing chemo-induced acne. My face was a mess. I can't tell you how pleased I was with the results. I would mostly use the beige cover liquid and then use the correcting powder over it. The coverage was so amazing that no one could see that I had a problem.

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