Physicians Formula  Mineral Wear Talc-Free Matte Finishing Veil

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Matte Finishing Veil

              Rated #100 in Makeup - Face
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I have a semi-oily complexion. I loved that i could use this as it is intended or on its own and it lasted not as long as i had hoped for but longer than most others that I have tried.

I'm a huge fan of Physician's Formula products, but this isn't one of my faves. It's too powdery and looks like it's floating ontop of my makeup, instead of finishing it. It just wouldn't blend in very well. I returned it.

i use this everyday! i love it!

I bought this product and loved it. I bought other products from the same brand and liked them as well. The powder covers up anything on my face. I have really light skin color and always have problems finding makeup/powder that matches my skin tone and this brand has one for me.

Never tryed this product, but will love to!!!!

I use this product everyday. It's awesome. It gives me that natural look rather then the cake on looking skin. A must have

This product is wonderful if you want to go for a natural look! I've used this on and off for about a year now on days that I want a more natural glowing look. This is a drugstore MUST.

I would love to try this product..

A natural cosmetic that is healthy and safe..good choice of application with a brush! I love it!

I love this product, I am a runner, so when I'm not running I like to look natural, and this definately keeps my face from not being oily and very natural looking. It doesn't even feel like you are wearing makeup!

The is the first bronzer I've ever tried & it works wonderfully. Usually I see girls who apply bronzer and end up looking orange maybe from applying too much. As much as I may apply this bronzer, I never come out looking anything but natural :]

I love this product! I have very oily skin, so this product is great to use throughout the day! Very convienant package! Has a brush built-in for touch ups on the go! Very light coverage and product last a long time! So light and airy, you forget you have it on!