Physicians Formula Baked Collection Wet/Dry Eyeshadow - Baked Sands

Physicians Formula Baked Collection Wet/Dry Eyeshadow - Baked Sands

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Ok, maybe it's just me but I didn't see a huge color payoff. Even wet. I am underwhelmed. It's not that they don't have pigmentation, just not enough. Maybe I got a bad one..I don't know....

good dry best wt stays all day fo realz

Great color and pigmentation

I know this is an eyeshadow but the colors are also suited for highlighting and contouring on the face. I use it wet only on the eyes and the wetter version is bolder. The dry version is a subtle color, but that doesn't mean it's not pigmented. It's pigmented just right for a drugstore brand. It does not crease and the eyeshadows are buttery to the touch, not chalky on the palette. This is really good for sensitive skin. I have a severe dry spot on my eyelid that reacts badly with some eyeshadows. Physicians Formula is one of the few brands that is friendly to my skin.

Gorgeous color and pigmentation. Horrible packaging.

ok, i love the shadows themself. BUT.....mine broke off (the bubble part). it actually separated from the case:( ive noticed this about a few of the physicians formula products. even the happy bronzer. it actually cracked around the hearts.

i absolutely love the baked collection from physicians formula it is really good and i have one and i use it all the time,,,they are really high quality paletts

i LOVE this product!!! It is by far one of my favorite eyeshadows to purchase. I do reccommened using a eyeshadow primer,although it is not required. Using it wet with the primer makes the shadow really vibrant and beautyful.

Talk about pricey! This is a bit high for me. I thought the makeup melted too early in the day for me. I love the colors though.

I used this product every day for quite some time. Eventually it broke apart in my purse. I really need to go out and repurchase. A must have in my opinion.

I use this product almost every day! They have nice pigmentation and the right amount of shimmer!

I use this eyeshadow every day! I absolutely love it! like to get samples of different colors for blue green eyes.

I have 2 sets fro the backed collection. I love them both. They are pretty pigmented and the colors would compliment anyone's skin tone. However, the downside to them is that i dont think they are travel friendly. Because they are baked, they are really sensitive. I was really careless when i was holding the palette and it fell on the floor. As soon as it hit the floor the eyeshadows fell out of the palette and cracked a little. None of my other palettes cracked or messed up when i have dropped them. So be careful!

I 'borrowed' this from my mother and loved it! The colors looked great on me. Sadly, the circles soon cracked so it didn't last that long.

Mabey it just me but i dont like the baked shadows!! Not true to the color and didnt stay well!