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  • Bettercustomeru By  Bettercustomeru    


    LOVE the GOlds and BRONZES. So so flattering for so many SKIN TONES. Trust a makeup artist this makes eyes sparkle. IF you are not a shine person .. Can still use as eyeshadow mixed with neutrals. So So pretty for all eye colors.

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  • Clsimon5 By  Clsimon5    

    This is the best eye shadow I have ever bought. I like how you can use it dry/wet and does not flake off. Love, Love it.

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  • Gabi620 By  Gabi620    

    Horrible, terrible pigmentation. Rough texture and nearly none of the color actually shows much. Even with a primer, it did next to nothing and came off within a few hours.

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  • Cgmcewen85 By  Cgmcewen85    

    I loved these shadows. Hyper pigmented and super blendable. The only downside is that the shimmer isn't all the way thru the shadow. After the first few applications its more of a satin finish but I'm okay with that.

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  • Chnelfreebies By  Chnelfreebies    

    Great product for just a $1 the colors are pigmented. Goes on easily. And last if applied with primer. I definitely recommend.

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  • ktang002 By  ktang002    

    DOLLAR TREE MAKEUP ALERT! I was so happy that this is paraben free (all my makeup is). AND it was a dollar. I was not expecting much but I was surprised. Negatives- The case is flimsy and kinda annoying. It opens up weird. Also the shadows are too close and rub into each other. Positives- PRICE hello! Also the pigment is amazing and the colors are PERFECT for spring. Paraben free. Run to you dollar tree or dollar deals and get it. There is a brown also. I recommend getting both.

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  • slvtty By  slvtty    

    I took a chance with this eye shadow but I wasn't a huge fan. It didn't have any wow factor to it and I really look for that in an eye shadow. It's an okay product but not something I'd use every day.

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  • bluntlyhonest By  bluntlyhonest    

    Definitely a great product! A plus that they recommend certain pallets for certain eye colors! I used the one for hazel eyes, although I would have picked out different colors they blended nicely together and made my eyes pop! I do not like the applicator they provided with it but I use my own eye shadow brush!

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  • amyclay25 By  amyclay25    

    If you are looking for a low priced eye shadow with high priced qualities, look no further. Physicians formula has a great variety of colors and I love the way you can blend the different tones together to get your own personalized look. I think it lasted pretty good and the shimmer really flattered my eye. Its not my all time favorite eye color, but I would buy it again.

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  • cowboyswife By  cowboyswife    

    great eyeshadow, I like the brown shades!

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  • emilycosto By  emilycosto    

    I love these eye shadows. It definitely does what it says and enhances the color of your eyes. Also the actual powder goes on so smooth and stays on all day. The only thing I wish is that Physicians Formula sold the colors individually. The kit gives you the same amount of each color, and obviously you're going to be using darker colors less than lighter ones, so I find myself buying another one and throwing away the old one when it still has dark colors left in it.

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  • Laura2008 By  Laura2008    

    I really liked the colors of this Pa alette. So soft, not super pigmented but stays on long with a little eye primer.Its affordable, ans compact enough to fit any where. I luv it!

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  • AlainaRenee By  AlainaRenee    

    Ive been using this product since i was in high school awesome shadow, colors are great and i love to blend them together to give a more striking look :)

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  • livelearn By  livelearn    

    I love the Physicians Formula eye shadow that I got for green eyes and thought I'd try the eyeliner. I was sold by the picture on the package that showed eyes with an incredibly defined line of eyeliner and I bought it. The eyeliner used on the picture on the box was definitely a liquid eyeliner and not this product! The 3 eyeliners in the package are crayon eyeliners and do not make a very precise line. They are also fairly hard so they do not go on very smoothly and when I put extra pressure on the pencil, the tip broke off several times. Not what I was looking for. If I had kept the receipt I would return it.

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  • Randimichelle95 By  Randimichelle95    

    So makeup is something I love and enjoy doing every day. This is for sure something I will continue to buy!

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