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  • ajelley By  ajelley    

    This cookbook is a gold mine of slow cooker recipes. I was slightly disappointed that it used so many canned and packaged ingredients that contain preservatives. I have been very pleased at the good food I've made out of this book. Great for working and busy people!

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  • daniwears By  daniwears    

    I have well over 1,000 cookbooks and cooking magazines. I LOVE them. I read them as the average person would read a novel. When I tried to think about the one that I used the most it was certainly a hard task but I would have to say that the winner is Fix it and Forget it Big Cookbook. This cookbook is a combination of several of Phyllis Pellman Good's Fix-it and Forget it series of cookbooks for the slow cooker. With our busy schedules around here having dinner started in the morning and ready at night is perfect! Sometimes we don't even eat together but we can always count on a pleasant meal waiting for us in my slow cooker. The book is HUGE and includes thousands of slow cooker recipes from super easy to easy!! It is well worth having it in any cookbook collection or just in a kitchen of someone on the run!

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  • cutestmommy85 By  cutestmommy85    

    I love this cookbook. It has practical everyday recipes that you just throw in the crockpot and forget about. There are at least 4 recipes on each page to allow maximum amount of recipes. I can always find something to cook when I open it using ingredients I already have.

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