Phone Battery Running Low? Just Charge It In Your Skinny Jeans!

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 14, 2015

For those who want to take multi-functional fashion to the next level, there is now a pair of pants that can fully and discreetly charge your iPhone. That’s right, as soon as you see that battery running low you can simply slip your phone in the back pocket to get a charge.

Today reports about the skinny jeans called Joe’s Jeans that have a feature allowing the wearer to charge their Apple iPhone. The jeans contain a hidden pocket that hides a slim battery and power cord that the wearer can plug into while their phone rests comfortably in the back pocket.

Joe’s Jeans is following suit with a lot of wearable smart accessories like Powerbags (backpacks that charge your phone) and other similar wallets and purses that fulfill the same function.

Carrying a hefty price tag of $189 and an added $49 for the customized charger, the jeans will cost consumers more than they might regularly spend on a pair of pants. But Chief retail analyst of the market research firm the NPD Group Marshal Cohen is willing to bet that the multi-functional pants will be worth it to a lot of us. Cohen says, “Clothing that does more than just look good is one way of getting consumers to invest in new apparel items. Being able to charge your phone via, say, a pair of jeans, is something all consumers will be able to relate to.”

What do you think of the skinny jeans that can charge your phone?

Would you ever consider purchasing pants like these?

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Sep 03, 2015

That's too pricey for me - but very different idea

basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Aug 19, 2015

Cool idea. My phones there all the time. ...but sadly as quickly as I wear out jeans, it's a no. Might work for special occasion like working Trade Show where need my phone.

ajsterz by ajsterz | Lowell, MI
Aug 14, 2015

This is so weird! Can't you just throw the phone and the portable charger in your purse? Do we have to be so connected to our phones??

crisss by crisss | STATEN ISLAND, NY
Aug 14, 2015

As interesting as it sounds, there would be no way I would be spending that much on a pair of jeans to be able to charge my phone.