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  • Jsdaxe By  Jsdaxe    

    Great gentle daily cleanser

    I?ve been using this for years and I still love it! It?s gentle on my skin, but tough on makeup and especially mascara. No more black smears on my white towels!

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  • Kevsbaby By  Kevsbaby    

    This is my daily cleanser. Doesn't dry out my sensitive skin. Only con is it sometimes doesn't take off all of my waterproof eye makeup the first time.

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  • denovot By  denovot    

    Some Ingredients less than desirable for price tag

    I was religiously using this product for the last 4-5 years. I liked it but never LOVED it, more so I think I kept using it because it didn't break me out and I hadn't found something better. It's one of those "meh" cleansers. I have sensitive skin and it never bothered me, or especially hard to find it did not burn my very sensitive eyes. I did notice that using a toner after cleansing I would find traces of makeup, and for the price you can get an all in one cleanser. Recently have been getting more obsessed with my skin care routine and did a little digging into the ingredients and found some not so great things in it. For that price I would rather have a cleanser that I can feel good about what is in it, and really cleans my face. Now that I've gotten more into skincare and testing a lot of products, I am finding cleansers that actually make me enjoy cleaning my face, which was more of a "thing you do" with purity.

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  • moonlightkissed By  moonlightkissed    

    gentle cleansing face wash.

    I buy this face wash from philosophy for myself and my 16 year old daughter. The scent reminds me of Ivory soap from when I was a kid. It lathers well,yet it's really gentle on the skin. It doesn't dry out my face. Just leaves nice,smooth skin.

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  • AnnaR108 By  AnnaR108    

    Great for sensitive eyes/skin.

    Love, love, love this! My skin and eyes are sensitive. This is the first cleanser I found that I can use on my eyelids and around my eyes without my eyes tearing. I have older skin and it doesn't dry it out. There is also not fragrance as I am very sensitive to perfumed items.

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  • Mhill22 By  Mhill22    

    Best face wash

    Love this stuff, smells amazing and makes my face feel so good!

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  • JanayS89 By  JanayS89    

    I have sensitive skin so, I usually don't use anything but dove on my skin. However, I stayed the night at a friend and used it. I must say this product out did my dove routine! After one use my skin felt clean, soft, and smooth. I would recommend this to anyone with any skin type.

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  • Aliienlexii134 By  Aliienlexii134    

    i LOVE this stuff, i rebought it already

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  • Kirangulalaye By  Kirangulalaye    

    This company has some of the best products ever. This is my favorite cleanser. It's literally life changing

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  • katfos By  katfos    

    I just started using this product and this along with the Hope in a jar seem to make my face smoother and reduce the redness in my face. It also does not dry my skin out like other cleansers.

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  • Nadine88 By  Nadine88    

    I have used this product it is ok except the fragrance is a little overwhelming. But it is not a bad product

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  • julietsfolly By  julietsfolly    

    I love this company and their products! They are a bit pricey but totally worth it! Wish they would have sales more often but if you save up a bit get these! They don't dry out your skin, they don't leave a residue and they smell really great!

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  • CoCoJo By  CoCoJo    

    I absolutely love this cleanser! I use it to wash off the makeup from my face as well as my eyes. It does not burn or sting my eyes like the eye makeup removers I've tried do. It is gentle and soft and smells great. I love that after I use this my face does not feel tight and dry. I buy the travel size at Ulta for $10 and make it last.

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  • funsmileymom By  funsmileymom    

    The purity brand itself speaks to me with its trendy labeling, as well as the name "Purity". it smells good as well as cleansed my face nicely, no residue left over, yet not drying out my skin either. I like to stay with one or two products over all for a face wash, my skin will break out if i dont, but am thinking of switching to Purity as well as my other daily face wash.

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  • mwisner By  mwisner    

    Love this product! It leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated My only complaint is that it doesn't take off my eye makeup but other than that it's a great product

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