Philips Sonicare Hydroclean Power Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare Hydroclean Power Toothbrush

              Rated #8 in Oral Care
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The best toothbrush so far! Cleans nicely, massages gums.

Cleans well not to bulky or heavy easy to wipe down no small creases or cracks to clean

Excellent toothbrush, keeps your mouth feeling amazingly clean compared to a manual toothbrush.

I love mine!!! would recommend to anyone!

I highly recommend this toothbrush. It does wonders for people!


Our dentist recommended that we get one to help our 8 year old get his teeth really clean. It works! We bought one for our 2 year old daughter as well. Now my husband has one...still waiting on mine :) I highly recommend this product, especially for children!

I never tried electronic brush . I would like to try it.

Always have better checkups since this toothbrush. Make sure to replace the brush when the bristles are bent out for the best results.

The only tooth brush I use. Leaves teeth INCREDIBLEY clean.

great toothbrush, but there are many electric toothbrushes on the market that work just as well for a lower price.

Received this free to try and review. Loved it. My teeth were so smooth front and back. I found I liked it better if I put the brush in my mouth before turning it on. If I turned it on first I didn't like the vibrations I felt. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for an electric toothbrush.

Had my best-ever check up after using this brush for 6 mo. I took it on a trip, thought I'd be gone for a week, ended up staying more than double that time and it still had a charge in it (I didn't take my charging base because I thought I'd only be gone a week). The replacement heads are expensive, but they seem to last longer than other brands too. Great find.