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  • Sociallyt By  Sociallyt    

    One Blade Trims, Shaves & Edges Beautifully

    My boyfriend, his adult son and my adult son all have this razor and love it. The younger guys have heavier beards and my boyfriend wears a shadow. They love it because if offered excellent precision. It can trim, edge and shave to any length. If you forgo using one of the combs, you can get a close shave with it - as close as you would with a wet. razor without the razor burn or ingrown hairs. Any guy with facial hair will love it.

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  • StaciaR By  StaciaR    

    Norelco One Blade Pro makes life easier!

    My husband has wanted the Norelco One Blade since it came out. Recently he bought an As Seen On version and liked it but broke it after one use ( not the products fault in any way). We were taking a spur of the moment weekend getaway and stopped at at pharmacy to grab a few personal care items and he asked me to replace the one he had. Norelco One Blade Pro was on sale and I purchased it instead. Not only is my husband completely happy, surprised at not having list parts, everything he can do with One Blade Pro but I even use it also!

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