Philadelphia Indulgence Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread

Philadelphia Indulgence Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread

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Every woman needs their Chocolate fix .I enjoy mine on my bagel at lunch time .The creamiest cream cheese on earth combined with rich milk chocolate so tasty it made my mouth Happy.

This is so yummy! You can put it on toast or bagels, Graham crackers, cupcakes or cookies...there are so many options!

This product has two things i love chocolard and crem cheese! Great for my breakfast! Absolutely delicious!

Very good. It's a nice change from just the regular cream cheese.

So addicting! if not careful I could eat the whole tub in one sitting.

This is verey good I just eat it straight out of container with a spoon.

Very yummy and creamy, my son used this on bagels

I am not a fan of cream cheese, but this was so delicious. It tastes great as a dip for fruit, especially strawberries.

I like like the chocolate and cream cheese. I have to hide it from my kids so they will not get it before I need to use it in a recipie. I also will get them some for snacks with strawberries.

I bought this when I got it on sale with a coupon. It is absolutely yummy!! Even thou it says a small serving size I found it irrestible to just dip pretzels in it. The white chocolate one isnt as good as the milk chocolate thou.

very tasty love it

Philadelphia Indulgence taste so good I just can't get enough. I made cup cakes yesterday and piped it in the middle if the cupcakes before frosting them . I used the white Chocolate. boy did my family love that.

I love this on fruit, it works great as a dip for just about anything.

These are heavenly. They are GREAT with pretzels and are a treat you can feel good about. Atleast they have some nutritional value and its a brand you can trust.

Taste great with crackers or just on spoon