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  • taletreader By  taletreader    

    I had many favorite quotes from this book, but unfortunately, since I read the ARC, I can't publish them yet. That's one of the reasons this book held up so far in my mind--because the author's language is, yes, that of a meth head at times (as it should be considering that's what the characters are) but these characters make choices which involve childhood memories, "why am I even here?" pity parties, and of course, the godforsaken trembling questions of someone who is about to step out into no man's land. That is, the land between them and the Chucks (the name for the zombies). But I can't say I particularly liked the characters. Any of the characters, really. OK, I take that back. I liked one. And we all know what usually happens to that one character you actually end up mildly being able to stand. But perhaps that was the point. Probably, though, I'm wrong. I enjoyed the story. What can I say--I'm all for zombies, and this book mapped out a different perspective on zombies than the norm. However, there were times when I just couldn't get into the story and other times when I let out a, "yuchhh" at how cliche parts of it were. I did love the ending, though.


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