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  • Author image By lkilgore
    07.03.16   Edit

    How do I get this recipe pinned to my likes area in profile?!?

  • Author image By ceciledean77
    06.23.13   Edit

    Can anyone tell me if I can save the ones I really want to try here??

  • Author image By babs0903
    01.08.13   Edit

    Love this!!

  • Author image By ELLIEBELLE
    10.27.12   Edit

    It is 4:00 am, and i just found this recipe. Can't wait for breakfast to prepare these. They are so healthy. Diabetics like me will really benefit from the spices in this recipe. I put cinnamon in anything that will work.

  • Author image By sweetgirl1
    10.24.12   Edit

    I will try this recipe.

  • Author image By llirelan11
    10.09.12   Edit

    yes please!!!

  • Author image By thunderkiss
    09.20.12   Edit

    YUM! I'm going to make these this week. Cant wait to try them!

  • Author image By boogieloc88
    08.07.12   Edit

    Can't wait to try these in fall when the weather gets nice and chilly.

  • Author image By monnar
    02.05.12   Edit

    i can not wait to try this recipe, looks so good!!

  • Author image By musicmomma
    01.30.12   Edit

    These look yummy!!! I'll be looking forward to trying these out next weekend! Thanks for the recipe!!!

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