Pepsi Diet Pepsi Max

Pepsi Diet Pepsi Max

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I buy this for my husband and he loves it, much better than regular pepsi for him

One of the best diet drinks I've tried! Tastes almost as good as full-calorie Pepsi!

Love Pepsi Diet Max,it's lighter than the original but more flavour.

This is a great tasting drink plus it doesnt taste any different from the original

LOVE IT! My favorite diet soda. Pepsi has always been my favorite but the regular diet just didnt taste the same/fake sweet. Pepsi Max tastes just as good as regular pepsi without the calories!

I despise everything diet and diet Pepsi max defiantly disappointed me. I thought I would try it since it was Pepsi next and it just didn't taste good.

i give this five stars becouse it tastes just like the regular pepsi you can not really tell the differents between the two drinks an that is what i like about it you can not tell the defferance its great

I picked up a Diet Pepsi Next recently with a the Free Pepsi Next coupon. It's now my favorite diet soda. It's more refreshing and tastes much better than the other diet sodas out there.

Love pepsi max, has the same great taste with the extra caffeine to make it through the day! Will buy over and over again

I like Pepsi Max as a great alternative to Diet Pepsi, that even though I like it, Pepsi Max has a better taste and it more refreshing.

I was going to grab some Diet Pepsi recently when i noticed Pepsi Max. I don't buy much soda so I don't if it's been out for awhile or not. I decided to try it. It's now my favorite diet soda. It puts Diet Coke to shame.

I love this as an offer for a soft drink. My boyfriend and I are both avid Pepsi Max drinkers, but I will say my brother stopped by and drank one and he thought it tasted like flat diet pepsi

i can enjoy this with out feeling guilty!