Pepperidge Farm Milano Melts

Pepperidge Farm Milano Melts

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Love these for years they are my mothers favorite I just bought her some for valentines day! My favorite for a snack!

I looooooooove Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies (original), so I went crazy when I heard about these, but I was pretty disappointed with them. The cookies seemed different, they were just hard instead of delightfully crunchy. They also lacked any flavor. The chocolate filling did not have the same blissful deliciousness as the original Milano. It was just bland and fudgey, instead of sweet and smooth. Hey Pepperidge Farm, ever heard "if it ain't broke, don't fix it?" Guess not.

I love peperidge Farm Milano melts!

Love these! I am not a huge dark chocolate, however, I found that I liked the dark chocolate cookie better than the milk chocolate. I think that is because I feel there should be more chocolate in the cookie and the milk chocolate was just to mild to really be able to taste the chocolate.

I like these better than the regular milanos. I had to stop myself from eating the whole box when i bought them. I love these!

For the first time I'm disappointed with a Pepperidge Farm product. The cookies don't melt in your mouth like the original Milanos do; they are too hard. There is a strange off taste and smell to both the cookie and the filling. I will be going back to the original Milanos which are delicious!

I thought they were just as delightful as the normal Milano cookies. I finished the entire package within the day.

I tried the new line of Milano Melts and found that for the very first time, I was dissatisfied with a Pepperidge Farm product! I think the chocolate creme was not as good as the normal ganache which works so well with the classic Milano cookie. I think if they had made it with the traditional ganache inside, it would be more successful. This may work for some of my friends and family but, sadly, not for me.