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  • EileenD By  EileenD    

    Not My Thing, but Cute

    I'm not a marshmallow fan except for an occasional addition to some hot cocoa or s'mores so these aren't my thing. But they are cute & they certainly make an appearance every Easter.

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  • Vinnie By  Vinnie    

    Super Cute!!!

    I love Marshmallow Peeps!!! There so cute in an Easter basket and for any holiday. Super cute!!!

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  • enchantedmagique By  enchantedmagique    

    Always reminds me of my mom,she loved these things. When I do eat them I even bite the beak then it's head off first,like her!

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  • PennyWhistle By  PennyWhistle    

    Marshmallow Delight

    Doesn't everyone buy Peeps at Easter time? I have found them delightful ever since I was a little kid, and still buy them these days, too.

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  • JCole01 By  JCole01    

    Good, but not great

    These are yum, and the kids love them; but they don't taste as clean as they did when I was a kid. They have a slight after taste.

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    Peeps Marshmallow Chicks are very popular to put in baskets but they go stale fast. There are better marshmallow treats out there, but I also wouldn't turn one down if offered.

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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    


    So gross. You're better off eating sugar out of the jar.

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  • Wildflower531 By  Wildflower531    

    Love the new flavors they always come out with. My favorites are lemonade and chocolate covered ones.

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  • emily219 By  emily219    

    I love Peeps, especially the chicks. I like to put mine in the freezer. So good!!

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  • ChassyMarie89 By  ChassyMarie89    


    I've enjoyed these ever since I was a kid. I love marshmellos so when you coat them in sugar and make them in the shape of cute little chicks I'm in lol! I always enjoyed getting these on Easter as a kid. These were usually in my basket. Now I still get them around Easter time.

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  • kelseyessex305 By  kelseyessex305    

    Sugar high anyone??

    Tasty like gritty sugar and fluffy marshmallow, if that what you like then you will love this sugary treat but defiantly not for me!!

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  • Irishgal54 By  Irishgal54    

    Not only delicious, but entertaining too hahahaha

    Sugary sweet marshmallow awesomeness all stuffed into a cute little yellow bird that looks as if it has been triple dipped in a vat of sugar crystals--YES, PLEASE. However, if you are not a fan of sugary, marshmallow treats have no fear because Peeps can also provide some really interesting entertainment. Have you ever heard of 'Peep Jousting'? If not, you'll find a ton of videos on the web showcasing the microwave oven peep jousting arena events. Basically, you take 2 Peeps (you can use 2 of the same type or mix & match) insert a toothpick in center of Peep leaving portion of toothpick exposed. Place Peeps on microwave safe plate heat @ 10-20 seconds & let the games begin. Make sure to make your predictions of the winner before hitting start because the marshmallow begins to expand rapidly when heated. *PLEASE NOTE--PLEASE TAKE ALL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS WHEN TAKING PART IN THIS ACTIVITY.

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  • dcgirl1969 By  dcgirl1969    

    Great For My Holiday Crafts!

    Not a big fan of these but at least unlike some knock off brands the Original Peeps taste alright. The non brand ones are gross. I can at least tolerate Original Peeps. And loads of kids (and adults) love Peeps. They're a bit too sweet for me. But I love using them for holiday crafting!

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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    


    I love Peeps. Yummy marshmallow treat. Any color, any Holiday .

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  • witchmom05 By  witchmom05    

    I love Peeps

    I love Peeps and every holiday they come out with the best flavors. I always cant wait to see what halloween flavors they come up with.

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