Peeled Snacks Pine-4-pineapple

Peeled Snacks Pine-4-pineapple

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The adults like them but the kids won't touch This only gets three stars because my kids won't touch them!! The product is a little sticky but it is the perfect amount of sweetness for me.

Love to snack on health food this is perfect to carry in lunch box. sweet snack instead of junk food.

Great, easy to eat on the snack food that is delicious and healthy.

These are great for the lunch box! I love everything pineapple so it figures i'll eat this too lol. If you want to try something new...go for this.

Great product. Get this for kids I watch and we all just love it. Organic and gently dried. Wonderful taste!

My favorite kind of peeled snacks. What a great combo of fruits

Horrible. I can't say anyone in my family enjoyed it at all . They tasted awful. I could barely chew on them they were so rubbery. I wish I maybe went with another chose because this one was a bad one.

Love the pineapple it wasn't rough it tasted good and it was nice and sweet Had the perfect amount of chewness wasn't. So hard to bite I recommend it to my friends and family I love the banana one also.

Love the pineapple. Sometimes I find dried pineapple to be especially rough and not pleasant to eat, but this is perfect!

I'm not usually a fan of pineapple, but I could eat pineapple the rest of my life if it tastes like this. It is absolutely fabulous and delicious! The product is a little sticky but it is the perfect amount of sweetness and chewiness!