Peeled Snacks Paradise Found

Peeled Snacks Paradise Found

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These are amazing! The kids and I both love this product. Tastes amazing and is organic and gently dried. The product itself does look a bit unappetizing, especially the bananas, but I was expecting them to look like the fried banana chips and not dried bananas. Also, the pineapple does clump together. Other than those minor complaints, this is a fabulous product!

This was my favorite of the several from this brand that I tried, because the flavor of three fruits were contained in one package. Granted, I would have liked more, because the price is more than I would like, as the size I purchased in a group type was 3.5 oz. But, I also know two of these fruits are not found dehydrated around me and the effort to do so is costly, both in time and using electricity. I actually prefer the dried taste of bananas to fresh and usually it will turn color to become unappealing in looks. I think it tastes like a true healthy snack with sweet appeal. The mango is a hard fruit to dehydrate and will be the one with a different texture. But, it is a fruit not available in fresh form all year, and I prefer something without additive, as this one is organic without unseen extras. The pineapple is also very good adding it's own characteristic to the mix. It is a product of Mexico/and, or Ecuador. I also feel the nutrition here will be varied, and I hope to find this one in the stores listed near me. I would prefer to buy it in person, and I had to order it at this time. So, I took off one star for availability, and perhaps some people would not pay the price. But, remember organic is always more expensive, mixed bags less available, and this type of fruit not found all year.

We enjoyed the pealed snack products. At first I wasn't sure as when you open the bag, the scent is rather strong and the pieces are all stuck together. But after a few tastes it was a fast favorite in our home. If you are used to regular Fruit snacks you probably won't like Peeled products because they are natural and actual pieces of REAL fruit that has been dried. They don't use the common preservatives in their food, so therefore one shouldn't expect them to look and feel the same. But these did not last long in our home. My kids loved them, the husband devoured them and I wish I could have had more! yes, the pieces would be too large for really young children such as toddlers, but older than 4 years old and these are perfect!

When I opened the bag I was a little skeptical about these, as they really didn't look appetizing at all. They were clumped together, & the colors of the fruits weren't that appealing either. I love dried fruit, though, so I figured how bad could they be?! Lo & behold, I really liked the taste! The pineapple had just the right amount of sweetness, & the mango was chewy, but not overly so. My favorite part was the bananas, though. I found myself looking through the bag & pulling out the banana pieces to eat those first! I felt like they were a healthy snack alternative, and I would give them 5 stars, if it wasn't for their price. I thought they were too expensive for the small size of the bag.

Would never buy again. Bag smells awful when you open it and then everything's a jumbled mess. Some pieces are fairly large for a child. The stuff looks awful too, but if it tasted better I wouldn't have a problem with that. My kids usually gobble dried fruit, but one of my kids didn't even want to finish what he had.

I really liked the taste of it. I loved the mix of banana, mango and pineapple in it. It has such a natural, sweet taste to it.

Every Peeled Snacks product I have eaten has been delightful. The perfect taste and texture and it's got no bad stuff in it!!

I was very disappointed in this treat. Was expecting allot. The snacks came out in one big clump and after you pulled them apart, it was like fighting taffy. My husband almost broke a tooth trying a piece. I had a hard time trying to chew a piece, it was like fighting for my taste. The flavors sound good, but I think I will stick with other dried fruit instead!

They tended to sick together, but it was a great way to sample three flavors at once. I enjoyed my bag. I don't think I would buy pineapple by it's self, but in this mix it was really good. The mango was great and the banana helped tone down the bite from pineapples. Nothing was sour in any way, just pineapples are not as sweet as bananas so next to each other there is a difference.

The bag at my local Shoprite costs $3.49. I would never buy these again. They are very chewy and do not taste good to me at all. I'm all for getting your daily recommended fruits and veggies but I wouldn't eat these if they were given to me.

These were ok but not what I expected. There was to much banana, otherwise it wasn't bad. Not worth the price though.

I really only liked the pineapple in this medley. The mango was okay but the longer I chewed, the flavor would just get worse. The banana was bad from the beginning. It looked awful (the black color from being left out) and just tasted rotten. I would get just the pineapple.

Was very hard to find in the stores. The only one they had was the Paradise Found. I did not like the mix of flavors. I wish they had the mango which is my favorite,

I love fruit, whether fresh or dried. The mango and pineapple in this medley were delicious, succulent - not overly sweet - and true to flavour. However, the banana left a lot to be desired. It smelled like rotting fruit and as though it had been subject to some sort of gas. What a disappointment! I would love to try a different packet of peeled snacks however - to make sure I give it a fair chance!

I really liked the chewy texture and the flavors of the mango,pineapple and banana were out of this world.