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  • kateteodoro By  kateteodoro    

    yummy, easy to bring along for kids, love the short list of ingredients and great flavor. they are chewy and not stiff or dry.

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  • AnonEmus By  AnonEmus    

    Eh, pass it up

    I picked these up on a whim- I like to try new products, but I have to say Id never buy these again...I prefer fresh organic produce and these tasted dry and...sulphur-y? Idk really off putting cause my boys and I LOVE fresh theyre kinda pricey in my opinion.

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  • kathrynreid By  kathrynreid    

    My kids and I love this product. The only down side is the price point. Its a little bit on the expensive side in my opinion and they never give you enough product!!j

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  • amclaug1 By  amclaug1    

    I love these snacks! Healthy, and easy to bring with you on the go.

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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    I LOVE these for snacks. I live about 33 miles from work and typically go the gym after work. Needless to say, I'm starving by the time I head home at the end of the day. These snacks are great to munch on while driving home and it's not too much so I can still eat dinner

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  • madupers By  madupers     SheSpeaks Tester

    Very unique, natural, tasty and healthy snack - very few companies can compete with them. They are reasonably prices and perfect for a quick snack - especially with school starting. They are mother-approved snacks and your kids will love them.

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  • Cynner By  Cynner    

    Not bad flavor. Kids liked them. Definitely chewy.

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  • lee102707 By  lee102707    

    My kid did not like it, but I had good time eating it.

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  • MommyRamblingsBlog By  MommyRamblingsBlog    

    Love these snacks, great for when you are running around and want something healthy!

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  • trippingtiffies By  trippingtiffies    

    I love these things! So amazingly good! Healthy & delicious - what more could you expect?!

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  • chels_1207 By  chels_1207    

    While this is not my favorite brand of dried mango snacks, I do really like them. They are a sweet yet healthy snack for on the go.

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  • Qurshid By  Qurshid    

    Peeled Mango has great taste sweet and tangy it.

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  • ActiveAshley By  ActiveAshley    

    Some people say they're tough to chew, but I really think that depends on the bag you get, Look for the orange color and make sure they aren't darker, which are the ones that tend to be chewier. I really love how healthy they are, and they're a great snack to have between classes or at work! I wish I could find them in more stores though, so far I've only seen them at Starbucks.

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  • naomicyoder By  naomicyoder    

    These mangoes are delicious. They are not the best that I have had but have good flavor!

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  • Liduvina By  Liduvina    

    Did not like these at all. Taste is funny, and they are hard.

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