Peeled Snacks Farmer's Market Trio

Peeled Snacks Farmer's Market Trio

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We enjoyed the pealed snack products. At first I wasn't sure as when you open the bag, the scent is rather strong and the pieces are all stuck together. But after a few tastes it was a fast favorite in our home. If you are used to regular Fruit snacks you probably won't like Peeled products because they are natural and actual pieces of REAL fruit that has been dried. They don't use the common preservatives in their food, so therefore one shouldn't expect them to look and feel the same. But these did not last long in our home. My kids loved them, the husband devoured them and I wish I could have had more! yes, the pieces would be too large for really young children such as toddlers, but older than 4 years old and these are perfect! Of all the flavors we tried the Farmer's Market Trio was my favorite. The husband preferred the Apricot flavor best.

So delicious! The raisins, cherries, and apples were so moist and fresh. This definitely beats out any of the other dried fruit I've had. It makes a wonderful snack and is the perfect pick me up.

I had a difficult time locating the Peeled Snacks, but finally found them at a local health food store. I really liked the moist texture of the fruits in the Farmers Market Trio. Apple, Cherry, and Raisin are a delicious combination!

I was surprised to find mostly raisins in the bag. My store had only 3 varieties (this one, apples and bananas). I had a taste of cherries from this bag and wished I could have the whole bag of cherries... I enjoyed it since I love all kinds of fruits, but oh boy it was one expensive bag of raisins

The texture was fine, I liked the apples the most out of the three, but it's too expensive at $3.50 a bag for a smaller sized bag. Nice that it's natural, but I can make my own.

Although this was very tasty I am sorry I purchased two bags to begin with. This was very expensive for a bag of mostly raisins. There were a few apples and hardly any cherries. Nothing wrong with the taste and texture but I could have bought a box of raisins with the same result and I would not purchase again..

Plum and moist raisins and cherries,added apples created a yummy triple threat treat,

Can you say the perfect mix of raisins, apples and cherries? This was delightful and kids love it too!