Peeled Snacks Apricot-a-lot

Peeled Snacks Apricot-a-lot

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Recommend it! The Peeled Snacks Apricot-a-lot is my family's to-go snack. I love that is a 100% natural product without added sugar that gives the energy I need. I recommend it!

I tried these Apricot peeled snacks for the first time this past week. These are delicious and super convenient. We were on a road trip at the time, so this worked well. I love that there isn't a bunch of added junk that nobody knows what is. This is something I will buy as an occasional treat though because as with any dried fruits there are concentrated sugar levels.

For me, this was sort of an acquired taste and for those used to a certain type of dried Apricot, they might not love it. It came in a group purchase in a 5 oz. bag. It took me longer to eat than the other types of fruits, so it lasted more than one or two sittings. But, I am not one to eat a lot of Apricots all at once. The other bags went fast. It is organic and has a note that it may contain pit fragments, so watch young children eating it. It was soft, more puffy than I am used to, and a deeper orange, probably due to not having additives. The taste was fresh, so I guess this is what some taste like at the time of picking or variety. The origins are from Turkey. The taste did not have any tart or sour undertones like some other dried Apricots, but more sweet with a texture somewhat between a dried apricot and a dried persimmon. It grew on me, and is something I would purchase again should it come into my area. Again, I did not find it in the stores, and the price to order is too much for me. So, if it becomes available near you, it is worth a try.

These were very good. My daughter was doubtful due to the color not being "orange" as she was used to. When I explained that this is what apricots were supposed to look like without additives she gave them a big thumbs up. I thought they were very good also. In all honesty though without the coupon they would be a splurge for us. We bought the big bag online.

Very yummy & tender. I like how there wasn't an overwhelming sulfur taste like some dried fruits.

AN injteresting alternative to the snacking foods category. Very enjoyable and easy to carry along for day time snacking

They were good, but not great. The fruit seemed a bit too dry.

I enjoyed these so much more than other dried apricots I;ve had in past. I agree with other reviewer that these were much softer and not so sugary sweet - thus really enjoyable. The individual size packs are great snacks

I'm not a big fruit snack fan but I have to admit these were really good! I love pretty much anything apricot so I was very excited to try these. They weren't too sweet and they really hit the spot for an afternoon snack.

I am a big fan of apricot any and everything, so these really hit the spot. The only difference I found in them from regular dried apricots was these were softer and less crunchy. They were delicious and you could easily eat a couple of packs!