Peeled Snacks Apple-2-the-core

Peeled Snacks Apple-2-the-core

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Nice Grab-n-Go Snack We really enjoy these Apple 2 the Core snacks as a grab-n-go option when we have a busy day. It's great to take to soccer games or have on hand for long drives. It also makes a nice, quick options for lunches.

Very interesting snack. if you?re into trying different things, i think you should definitely try it!

Love the taste, just tart enough and not to sweet. Hard to find in store though!

i haven't tried this. i have heard of it . it looks good .

Love these- tastes awesome!!!

These were terrible. Im not sure how you canchew these things! Ill stick to fresh apples

SheSpeaks made special arrangements to give me a chance to try this brand, after I had trouble obtaining it. I received from the Peeled Snacks company this particular package of fruit in the mail. Unfortunately, I am not much of an apple eater at this point of my life. But it was soft, fresh, and nutritious and better for me, than my regular snacks. I found this type at Starbucks later on. It was good enough to entice me to place an order using the special coupon code sent to me and try something different. This package states that it is organic and I noted the color was pale, without preservatives, and no added sugar. This type comes from American Farms though a product of either the USA or Argentina. The facility it is manufactured in ,also has nut products there. It may have core or stem fragments , so perhaps not a choice for very young children without being watched. There is a freshness date and they are expanding the distribution, so it will be more available in other stores and locations. Dehydrating fruit yourself is a time consuming activity which uses electricity, and the fruit usually shrinks down. I would purchase this brand at a store, saving shipping charges, and order on-line if there was some type of special. But, I also would choose a different fruit selection which is harder to find and I like the taste more. Organic is more expensive, and a lot of dried fruits have preservatives, which affect some people. If it were less expensive and easy to obtain in all areas, the rating would go all the way up.

Peeled Snacks sent me another bag of these after my review of the one I tried with the coupon. These were fresh which was nice better than the bag I had previously. However, the taste still wasn't there. It was not something I would pay extra money for. My husband actually made the comment that I could have made them it I would have kept the dehydrator.

I'm not a big fan of these, they are far far far too tart. I would never put these in my kids lunches. I would never buy these. I got these as a free sample but would never buy this particular product. We love dried fruit and apples are our favorite but they also had bits of the hard membrane that holds the seed in them as well and that would pose a problem for me with IBS.

I liked the tart taste but hard to find in stores. Pricey to order on line.

These weren't what I expected. I like dried fruit a lot and these were good because they didn't have a ton of extra sugar. The other varieties left a little to be desired.

They were good, not great. I think the Sunmaid dried apples are better. However, I really like that there are no sulfites or anything else. I would buy them again.

I thought it was only ok, the ratio of apples to raisins was low, and I didn't feel like I was getting anything really unique opposed to having just bought a regular brand bag of raisins. I was hoping for more of a 'treat' from a healthy snack, but was not impressed enough to go buy it again.

I have to agree that the package is very attractive. I also expected the taste and crunch to be like an actual chip, but was a little more rubbery and soft. My kids didn't seem to mind though and really enjoyed them. I would definitely need a coupon to buy these in the future!

These were great! But they are too expensive for such a small bag. When I was little we would buy apples like this from a local bulk foods store (we have a lot of them in Ohio) and these tasted just like them. They gave me good memories of my childhood. My 2 year old liked them, but my 6 year old was too afraid to try them. She thought they looked funny :-)