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  • Ashwal123 By  Ashwal123    

    Dogs love them

    My dogs love these . They come in different sizes which is great for my bigger dog. They are very reasonably priced and they seem to bring joy to my boys when they get them. I would recommend these.

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  • sarge1977 By  sarge1977    

    My eldest dog is very picky and he actually loves these!!!!!

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  • SeriouslyHandmade By  SeriouslyHandmade    

    My dog loves these so they are special treats for him rather than milkbones.

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  • CrysB513 By  CrysB513    

    All four of my dogs love these, and they have never caused any digestive problems with my crew.

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  • andreauofa By  andreauofa    

    My finicky pug loves these treats, and he turns his nose up at anything besides human food (usually). I feel him Eukanuba, but it is very difficult to get him to eat any dog treats. These are the only ones I have been able to get him to eat.

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  • SweetSara By  SweetSara    

    This is the only kind of treat my dog will walk away from. I'm not sure why he does it, maybe he doesn't like the smell or the texture in his mouth doesn't feel right to him, but he won't touch these. He's a Doberman Pinscher, which are known for eating anything put in front of them; for example, you can't keep the food bowl full all day, because they'll eat it each time you fill it. This is the same dog who will eat a bee without thinking twice if it gets to close to him, tired to eat a dollar I dropped one time, and I have to keep his treats where he can't reach them or he'll claw at the package all night. I gave these to my best friend since he wouldn't touch them, and her pug wasn't too crazy about them either, she still ate them, but would slowly eat them. She wasn't very excited about the treat as she is with her other treats.

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  • waltenja By  waltenja    

    I am not sure why but my dog swallows these whole! I have gone to smaller chewy treats for training and bigger treats that he will actually chew for use as treats.

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  • Dnd5sons By  Dnd5sons    

    I have two dachsunds that absolutely love these treats. They will beg that it's treat time.

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  • lisalangley By  lisalangley    

    I have a large breed dog (75 lbs+) and it is super hard to find treats that he simply doesn't just swallow hole- which I'm doubting is good for him. He loves these and actually takes the time to chew them!

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