Pedigree Dentastix

Pedigree Dentastix

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These are great they help prevent the build up on my dogs teeth and help with the bad breath.

Good product My little dog loves rhem and it has helped prevent tartar since his dental surgery. Bring the price down a bit and I'll buy them all the time and save the hassle of brushing his teeth.

Pedigree Dentastix My dog loves the flavor, I love the fact that they keep her teeth clean.

Pretty good for the competitive price These are pretty good for the price (compared to more expensive dental chews like greenies). My dog loves the flavors (original and mint) but she does eat almost anything. My issue is that they are somewhat smaller and quicker eaten than its competitors and the chicken ingredient means I can't feed to my dog with food allergies (though this is often the case).

Love My english pointer loves!!!!! He gets one after his bath

My pups love this. It is a great product and helps them keep their teeth clean and breath fresh.

small/medium pack First off the treats are smallish.There not individually wrapped.I opened the packet and I could smell them 3 days later that fresh smell is gone.I put them in a Ziploc bag after I opened them and there no longer as fresh as they where.They seem kinda dry..Individual wrapping would have prevented this.My dog ate them and my cat took one and ran.. they dry out in less than 4 days even being put inside a ziploc bag they still dried out.Overall I have more issues than good things to say about this product.When it drys out its harder for the dog to chew and it loses that freshness.

Perfect for doxie My dachshund loves these! They are fantastic at keeping his teeth clean his breath somewhat fresh, he's a hound so this is a hard task!

My dogs like these but they do not keep them busy long enough. When I buy my dogs any kind of chew stick I want it to be something that will keep them occupied for longer than 2 minutes.

My dogs love these & I feel good knowing the benefits

My dogs love these and never have to have their teeth professionally cleaned

My dog really likes these and I like anything that helps keep his teeth healthy so I would recommend

I give the small ones to my little dogs and they love it! keeps teeth clean!

My dog loves these treats I however; am not impressed. They may help keep the dogs teeth clean of tarter and plaque, but they do nothing for freshening his breath.

My dogs love these! A great treat for them and clean teeth for me!