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  • meganam By  meganam    

    One of my favorite peanut butters. I wouldn't say that you can taste the white chocolate really, but the peanut butter is sweeter than regular peanut butter. Super delicious though.

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  • pennyroy By  pennyroy    

    Expensive for another over sugared peanut butter product. Tried the cinnamon raisin - dry and nasty

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  • erikameister By  erikameister    

    this is actually a problem for me it is so good. if you have never had this brand you deserve to try it. the best i have had, price point is exceptional and it is available at walmart for convenience. buy it, try it, you wont be disapointed

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  • DreamN By  DreamN    

    I really enjoyed this peanut butter, it was much more like a dessert than a snack for me. I really liked the texture, and felt like it was made with good quality ingredients. The only downfall to this product was the price. It was a good bit more expensive than other brands, and I very rarely see a coupon for it other than on the companys facebook page.

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  • j_mosh By  j_mosh    

    I don't even like white chocolate, and this peanut butter is probably one of the best tasting nut butters out there. Enough said.

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  • ktinap By  ktinap    

    fabulous taste....try it melted over ice cream!!

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  • giselle322 By  giselle322    

    This peanut butter is so good ! I try it at a vegetarian food festival and I've been hooked ever since

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  • cjdong By  cjdong    

    The taste is definitely 5/5. I didn't give it a full 5 star rating because of the ingredients, I'm not too pleased to see palm oil listen. Aside from that, this nut butter is good on ANYTHING.

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  • msofty68 By  msofty68    

    I never tried it or heard of it, but I would love to sample it

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  • holly669 By  holly669    

    Yeah, these are great! Actually Walmart has little packets of different flavors for 69 cents each. It's kind of high price but then you can try the different ones for less and good for on the go to take to work or where ever.

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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    This peanut butter is AMAZING. I gave it a try after seeing it several times in the store. I delayed because I have had "flavored" peanut butters in the past and they were not even worth opening the jar. This offering from Peanut Butter & Co is certainly worth opening the jar for. For an adult "gourmet" sandwich, try the White Chocolate Wonderful with red raspberry preserves. There is also a a cinnamon raisin flavor that is outstanding with apples or bananas. The price is higher than JIF or Skippy, but this peanut butter isn't meant for spreading on celery sticks. I use the cinnamon raisin for outrageous cookies. They also offer varieties with honey, spicy (the BEST for Thai food), dark chocolate (amazing cookies & bars), maple (pancakes never had it so good), as well as plain and chunky peanut butter (for purists). An actual store/restaurant is in NYC if you happen to live in that area. Their website also offers jams/jellies, baking mixes, gear like bags and shirts, and the quintessential peanut butter partner - marshmallow fluff. If you have never had a fluffer-nutter, you are missing out on one of life's guiltiest pleasures. And what's more, these peanut butters generally have less fat and calories and none of the unnatural additives found in many other brands. Give this brand a try. Your midnight snacking routine will thank you!

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