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  • Snookiebill By  Snookiebill    

    My best friend gave this to me one year for my birthday. I really liked the book, but my daughters loved it more. They live together in a town about 1 1/2 hours away and are working on their master's degrees. I let them take the book back with them and they are having a great time experimenting with cooking.

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  • nichole2 By  nichole2    

    I really enjoy this cook book. I like that a lot of the recipes are short on the ingredient list. A go to recipe book for me.

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  • pennysfromheaven By  pennysfromheaven    

    My son gave me this book for my birthday. I think he was wanting to try some of these recipes. I have enjoyed going through this book and the fact that some of the recipes from her restaurant are in here. I love it!

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  • oneangelsmiles By  oneangelsmiles    

    Paula Deen may very well be the last of the great old southern cooks. And her cooking methods and recipes reflect it from cover to cover. From comfort foods to decadent sweets; each recipe is easy to follow, easy to cook and sure to require at least "one stick of butter" which is her trademark stamp on her fine southern cuisine. The cookbook is widely available in hardcover, soft cover, plastic combed edition (my personal favorite as it lays easy on the counter when I am cooking) and Kindle for a modest price. A "must have" in your cookbook collection for those that truly enjoy a taste for the foods your grandma use to make. If you should ever find yourself in Savannah, Georgia be sure and reserve a spot at the "The Lady & Sons" restaurant. "Ya'll are just sure to love it".

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